Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hey...Got Any Grapes?

Hey, don't let 'em go to waste! Use them!

When we first moved to this acreage over ten years ago, there was a big messy grapevine/raspberry/asparagus/weed patch.  I read online how to go about making grape juice, but after coming across the words "cheesecloth" and going "huh?!" I gave up the idea.  The vines and patch of yucky green veggies (asparagus) were eventually ripped out and turned into a great area for backyard volleyball.

In the fall of 2011, we were wondering around through the half-dead section of the garden plants and flowers in Menards.  They had grape vines for cheaper than a piece of bubble gum.  I brought the almost-dead vine home and Tim "built" this little deal-io with "junk" I had on hand.

I watered it faithfully and the vine and began to weave it's way around the little wooden structure in the summer of 2012.  
Now it's 2013. 
 The vine has exploded!!!  And it beareth fruit!!!

After rinsing the grape bunches, I toss them all into a big soup pot with about three inches of water on the bottom.  I simmer them for an hour or so with about a cup of sugar (sometimes I don't add it until the end, or just put it in the pitcher and add the juice and stir it all up together).

It should look like this after simmering for an hour or so:

Then I just set a big strainer over the top of my plastic pitcher and let the yummy juice fill it up!

You'll have to add water to dilute it to your liking.  It's strong! :)

I also tried this with wild grapes, but it is much more sour and takes more fruit since the wild grapes are so much smaller than the domesticated ones.

Mmmmmmmmmmm...... nom nom.

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  1. Homemade grape jelly is easy-buy a box of sure-jell at the grocery-directions are inside. Oh I think you are supposed to take the grapes off the stems before cooking. LOL.

  2. OOOOOOOOOH. I didn't even THINK about making my own grape juice! I want to go to the farmer's market and get a bunch of bunches right now and try this! Also, if you're looking for a new Tuesday party I run Tasty Tuesdays and every post gets pinned! Here's this week's party if you'd like to link up:


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