Sunday, December 1, 2013

My "New" Centerpiece

As I pulled into the the little trailer park in our little town, I noticed the huge dumpster and then men dismantling the trailer next to the lawn I mow.  They were tossing anything and everything into the dumpster.  Of course I ran over to take a look!  This was one of the things I pulled out of the heap!  Unfortunately, they had totally buried a nice desk and couldn't uncover it for me. :(  Along with who-knows-what other treasures!!).

My friend, who is obviously much tougher than I, got the large screws that were dangerously poking out of each end removed for me and I painted the whole thing with white chalk paint.  Then with my new found love of transferring images using freezer paper, I attempted to transfer an image from the Graphic's Fairy.  However, it smudged, and I had to wipe it off and try again.  I've decided that trying to transfer a graphic onto a painted surface is much more difficult than on dry wood!!

It's actually decorated for Christmas right now, but I haven't had a chance to take any photos, so you get to see it with the beautiful fall flowers that my hubby brought home for me the other day.  That happens once every two years, so even though they're almost completely dead, I still have them in a vase!! :)

Details on how to transfer a graphic can be found here:

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  1. I love how it turned out. I love how you can paint anything white and add a graphic and it always turns out fabulous, don't you think?

  2. So cute! Come link up to Centerpice Wednesday and share this idea with us!

  3. pretty! I tried your method on painted wood and it just smeared! How did you manage to get it to transfer on your box?? thanks!

  4. It turned out beautifully. Great find!

  5. What a before and after! So pretty with the blue jars. I'm featuring it in this week's PoPP Spotlight. Thanks for sharing with us.


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