Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mom's Shabby Chic Guest Bed

My mom recently pulled this old wrought iron bed out of the machine shed where she's been storing it.  The machine shed!  It was covered in dirt and cobwebs.  Same story with the little wooden trunk!  After a good scrubbin', they cleaned up good and look great in her guest room!!

I took these pictures when I was home in Iowa visiting over Christmas.  We actually found the white bedspread the morning of, stashed away in a closet at my grandpa and grandma's house.  Of course, Mom took it home!  It was just what the bed needed.

 {Pretty details}

My mom's Grandma made the quilt folded across the end of the bed.
Very old! :)

And now to reveal the peek of light blue on the ceiling....

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  1. Too funny, I bought the exact same bedspread last year at my local thrift store. It is perfect in my white minimalist bedroom. That's to say it is once I spent four evenings stitch ripping the fringe off ! It's great to see it work so well with shabby chic! Thanks for the pics!

  2. That's Beautiful Kammy!! love it ;)

  3. Love this SO much!! Featuring your Mom's bed on Tickled Pnk Times Two, tomorrow night :)
    Make it a pink day.

  4. This is a lovely room, so fresh and bright. Your ceiling is terrific. Keep up the great work. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  5. It's gorgeous Kammy - LOVE the quilt!!!

  6. What a lovely bedroom, very calm and peaceful.......great for resting!!! I believe I have the same spread, it was my mom's from the 1940' the fringe!!!

  7. Looks fantastic! and what great treasures to have found!
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss


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