Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Making Caramel By Boiling Sweetened Condensed Milk

I had heard the Russians did this.  I had also heard horror stories of it exploding and being dangerous.  I stay away from risky business.  Then I learned my friend Angelina makes caramel with this method.  She'd never heard about such explosive ridiculousness.  I listen to her.  She's a good one to listen to.  I got brave.  This is my second time doing this and it's worked beautifully both times!  And oh-so-easy!

 It's VERY IMPORTANT that you make sure the water doesn't boil dry.  I set the timer for every half hour to check on it and add water if I needed to.  And you will need to!

I add a little salt to mine.  Salted caramel?  Yes please!!

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  1. Now I wanna try it! Did you eat it straight out of the can? I'm thinking this would be perfect for our next ice cream night.

  2. I have a dear friend who has been telling me to do, excited now after seeing you pics!

  3. Oh, please! LOL! Do you remember the 7 layer cookies with caramel & regular chocolate chips, pecans, coconut, graham cracker crust (what else?) Pouring condensed milk over them and baking them turned that into caramel around them. Nummy.

    As kids, we loved that part so much my mom would OPEN a can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk and set it in a pot w/ water about 1" below the top. That went into a larger pot of simmering water. Then she took a nap, chased us around, whatever. In the last hour or so, she'd put a top on the biggest pan so the caramel wouldn't dry out. Then we had caramel with ice cream for dessert.

    People make things so much harder than necessary! But thanks for reminding me of this no-hassle dessert. Oh.... I'm off to the store.

  4. I have been doing this for years. Slice bananas into a graham cracker crust, cover with the caramel, then top with cool whip. You can also use crushed up Heath (Scor) Bars over the cool whip. It is wonderful.

  5. My roommate and I were going to make this after a friend in Venezuela told us how to make arequipe (dulce de leche), but we were too worried about it exploding. Glad to know that's not a possibility!

    Peggy--yum, banoffee pie!!

  6. This is so cool - I had seen something like this on Pinterest but, was afraid of the exploding thing. Thanks for proving it's ok. Surely going to try it now.... Cathy

  7. Just to let you all know that if the water runs dry it will explode! Don't ask me how I know I just know!

  8. This is an old post but will add here anyhow. Do people not understand how commercial
    canning works? The can is filled with any item to be preserved. Sealed, then hot bath processing in boiling water, for the required time.. BOILING WATER FOR MINUTES!!! They Don't rebuild process plant alot due to explosions on processing line.


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