Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yellow Retro Bistro Chair

I was sure I had scoured every thrift shop in Jackson County, but I missed one.  A pretty decent one too - how did that happen?  This yellow chair was almost the first thing that caught my eye when I opened the door.  Loved the price tag, so I snagged it!

Even though the paint was rusty and chippy, I couldn't bring myself to change the awesome bright retro yellow.

 The seat, however, could not be saved.  Not only did it need some recovering action, but a little Febreeze action as well!

 A wet rag simply would not do the trick.  However, way more grime came off than I anticipated once I broke out the "barkeeper's friend" aka Comet.

I used a piece of this massive sofa sectional slip cover for the fabric....

Then hit up The Graphics Fairy for a dragonfly image to transfer onto it.

I used the same transfer method I wrote about HERE.

I have never, EVER used anything but my staple gun to recover a seat cushion.  But... as I was getting ready to put this on, my glue gun was plugged in and hot next to me so I picked it up and tried it out.  I figured maybe since this was rather porous material and the bottom of the seat was pressed wood, it might actually adhere pretty good.  I waited until it was cooled off and did the "yank test".  It didn't budge.  Fine by me - hot glue it is!

And that's a wrap.  :)

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  1. Super cute, I love the dragonfly! Great price too, I would have snagged the chair too. Awesome job!

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  3. I'm so in love with this, but my question is how does the transfer fair on the fabric? Does it fade or smear.

    1. I did this on my dining room chairs and it's been two months and they still look great. Granted, they are not chairs we use every day! However, I'm pretty nervous to get them wet since once I tried this on a t-shirt and when I washed the shirt most of the image washed away. If anyone out there has anything to add to this - or advice - please let your voice be heard :)

  4. Very very cute! Love the makeover :)

  5. My goodness what a good deal and a cute chair! I haven't seen this transfer method before so I'm off to read it now in detail. -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com
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  6. You sure are lucky and who is that adorable little elf helping you snag that chair. She is so sweet. Glad you left the chair the pretty bright yellow for now. We know at some point you'll get a wild hair to paint it. Nothing written in forever. Love the cute seat cover and dragon fly. What would we do without Graphics Fairy? She's a gem. Great job, enjoy your precious little one. Happy Easter

  7. Fun! I've been wanting to try that transfer method. I'm featuring your cute chair in my Friday Features. Thanks for joining our Inspire Me Monday party.


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