Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stenciled Chalk Board Cupboard Door {Repurpose}

I love discarded cupboard doors.  If I see a cabinet or cupboard on the curb that I don't want or have room for, I will still whip out my screwdriver (I've learned to always keep one in my truck!) and at least salvage the doors.  They make great signs and chalkboards.

Here's my homemade DIY chalkboard paint recipe:

I painted the edge a light blue color and used a stencil to give it some character and pizzazz.

I made this stencil using a clear plastic folder, an image I found through Google, and an X Acto knife.

{Click here to see my stencil "how to"}

Who even know where this knob came from, as I have quite a stash, but I painted it white and it fit into the hole perfectly.

P.S. In case you're wondering about the bottle, it's just a spray painted beer bottle I dug out of the ditch while I was walking one day.  The weeds sticking out are also spray painted and I found them in my back yard. :)

                                                               ~Thanks for stopping by!!  Kammy :)

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  1. Love.love.love the flower stencil and how you made it! Also, I spray paint bottles (upcoming post), but never weeds...oh no, you just created a bigger monster. :)

    Thanks for sharing....pinned it!!

  2. I love the color shift on the stencil. Very cool.

  3. Very nice...I never thought about adding a stencil! Thank you for sharing. Leticia


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