Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ty's Bedroom {Photo Tour}

Next up in the Home Tour: Ty's bedroom.

I love this big, roomy boy room.
It was part of our addition in 2011, so it is brand new construction.

 Other than that, nothing is brand new.  Not even the carpet, which I bought off of Craigslist.  Totally scary, I know!  But it was in perfect condition.  Not convinced, are you.

I found that sign sitting face down on the side of the road.  After walking by it time and time again, I finally declared it my property and brought it home.  The painted saw blades are oldies from when my mom was in her full artistical glory, back in the 80's, painting from sun up till sun down to help put food on the table.  I still think her farm scenes are some of the best!

Here you can see a peek at the ombre wall in my hallway laundry room:

Ty loves to show off his work on the "Look What I Did" brag board I made him for Christmas:

This is an old photo from a few years back when he still had cute things like rocking horses, but it shows off his color blocked square wall.  If you notice, the ceiling is also painted green and tan.  I started kissing white ceilings goodbye awhile back.  So much more interested to put some color up there!

Hope you enjoyed another room in the photo tour journey.

  This home is still on the market waiting for the perfect buyer so if you know of anyone in Michigan looking for the perfect place to raise kids, please share our Home Tour with them!   Click here for more rooms.


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