Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eating Area Progress {Restoring The Lefere Mansion}

 It's feeling like home!  Amazing what just adding that curtain over the weekend did!  :)
How about another "peek"?  This time at our "eating area" in the kitchen.

 So back in May, when we first went through this house with no real intentions still of ever living here... this is what we saw:

Lots of wall paper! :) 

 My pals, Marie and Paula, decided pulling off the paper that was already separating from the paneling was first on the agenda.  IF ONLY the rest of the paper had come off this easy.  

Tobin pulled a section off of the ceiling... only to reveal another layer (and another...)!

Grandpa Jim even put his hours (yes hours) of scraping wallpaper in.

 The fan.  To keep.... or not to keep.  That is the question.

 Laying the floor!  
But that's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day......

I found a really cool light fixture on to hang over the table in place of the beautiful fan.  Hubby was not thrilled when he took it out of the box and realized all the strands of beads needed to be hooked into place individually, and assigned us to the job.  No prob, Bob.
With the help of my boys, I had it together in no time.

The kids think the new floor and light combo make the perfect dance hall.
 Veggie Tales are CRANKED!

The benches will probably get a makeover, and the walls still have yet to be painted.  Along with lots of other unfinished jazz in this room....
But for now, I'm okay with downing a plate of spaghetti with the fam at this table!

And in case you want a side-by-side contrast before you go..........

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  1. Can't wait to see it in person soon! Of course seeing you is the most exciting!! :)

  2. Really phenomenal! So much work, but so totally worth it. Great job.

  3. Beautiful job. I know it's a lot of work but it will be so rewarding.
    Have a LOVERLY day! Jo
    I have a new blog, would you please follow it and then leave a comment. It is hard to get it going so I'm giving out invites. Thanx Anne's Attic - design

  4. I LOVE what you've done with the place! Its been so long since I've checked your site out. You've done some really awesome things! So happy for you! ^.^

  5. The difference is day and night. Such a lovely transformation. Well done.

    P/S: I am in the process of making over a room in our home as well. Come by and take a look if you like!

  6. Wow, it looks so beautiful! I so wish wallpaper came off like that normally, I have a bathroom that is wallpapered and it's not wanting to come off at all :o(


  7. Oh my goodness, that wall paper :-) I love your new room, amazing job!


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