Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top 10 Projects of 2014

Happy 2015!!

I sure thought we'd all be flying around in our own personal hovercrafts by the time 2015 came around.  And from those scary environmental videos our fifth grade science teacher showed us, I was even more sure we'd be using snow plows to move the garbage out of the way to drive and have to breath through special masks when leaving the house for all the air pollution floating around.  And here we are.  Still driving our mini vans and enjoying the fresh country air and letting the water run while we brush our teeth.  

Well, one year ago when I presented the top ten projects of 2013, I never dreamed we'd be in a different house, tackling the biggest project of our lives to-date.  The year started out normal enough, with blog posts about folding chair transformations and the like.  And then came the Lefere Mansion.  Up for auction online. That we spontaneously bid on and won.  And the posts turned from easy chair makeovers to gut-a-room and rebuild it-on-a-budget posts.  So let's see...  I've tried my best to narrow it down to just ten posts for the year and here's what I've come with.

Ladies and Gentleman,


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Using a plastic picnic tablecloth and spray paint, I turned my once ugly folding chairs into something I wasn't embarrassed to pull out for extra company:

I updated my rattan dining room chairs using a sofa slip cover to recover the cushions and transferring an imaging on each one using freezer paper:
(click on photo)

Realizing there was no way to salvage the ceiling in the kitchen of our new house, we decided to cover it up.  This is a before and after you need to see: (click on photo)

2014 was not a year I got many furniture rehab projects accomplished.  But out of the ones I did manage, this one turned out to be my favorite: (click on photo)

Last year I was thrilled to share my little girl's shabby chic room on the top 2013 list.  I'll admit I was super sad to leave it.  But her new room has lots of charm and character and was a fun room to decorate using what we had: (click on photo)

Last spring I had fun at the Springport craft show and this easy way to display my t-shirt scarves was a hit on Pinterest! (click on photo)

This was one of our big challenges this summer.  Not completed, but usable!  And oh the difference.......  Even fish for supper is tolerable to the hubby when he eats it in this "new" room! :)
(click on photo)

I was tired of my blah cheap rug, but still wanted "cheap" so I painted stripes on it!  (click on photo)

Redoing the North side.  Another before and after of our kitchen:
(click on photo)

I've had lots of fun stenciling clothing lately!  Here's a post to get your creative juices flowing and to show you just how easy it can be to design some of your own wearable works of art!  (click on photo)

Well, hold your hats for all the craziness that 2015 is promising to bring so far!!
Let's hope it gives me a little more time to blog and less time hanging out with all the poison ivy we've been cleaning up on this place!
Thanks for giving me another great year on Kammy's Korner!

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