Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Trashed Curbside Desk For Tobin


 It's great having a stash of furniture out in the shed, mostly of pieces that you randomly find on the side of the road.  Even if it's busted up and your hubby is totally annoyed at the piece of poo you hauled home... it's nice being able to "shop" in your stash on days when your little boy says "Mom, I need a little desk".  And you can reply, "Okay son, let me go see what I've got out in the shed...."

I simply got rid of the bottom shelf, and then cut the back "leg" off flush with the middle shelf.  So it kind of looks like a three-legged dog... but like a determined three-legged dog - it manages just fine.  Fine enough for my kiddo, anyway.  He loves three-legged dogs just as well as four-legged ones.  Wait.... he doesn't really like anything that will knock him over and leave muddy footprints all over his face.....  Okay so substitute "cat" where you read "dog".

While the kiddos were spending their last day of spring break at Grandma's house yesterday, I painted the little guy.  It was a quick and easy job, and I used stencils for the little details.  The '06 is for the year Tobin was born.  He just glows when he sees little personal touches like that. :)

I'm almost done with his dresser (we also got free), so hopefully I can post on that soon!  It's going to require me to cut up an old belt to finish it... and I'm not sure I have a belt I want to part with!

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  1. It is so sweet! I love special touch of the six!

  2. This is great! Turned out so nice!

  3. I identify, totally, with regard to the comments by your husband. My husband makes those same sort of comments when I bring anything bigger than a pea home with me. I have to admit that my craft room is an outrageous mess because that's where most of it is stashed until I do something with it. That is just a sign of a creative mind. At least that is how I justify things!(LOL)

  4. Wow, what a save! I love a good curbside find transformation, and this one is perfect.

  5. Love how you can see past the ugly outside of things and make something functional, cute and personal to boot out of them!

  6. Seeing the after picture, I never would've known you didn't get that at some little specialty store! Love the little extra "06" touch :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  7. How adorable! I just love how this turned out!!

  8. I LOVE to shop curbside, what a fab find and great boys room! love it

  9. Great save Kammy!

    Love the new look of your curbed desk.

    catching you!

  10. Love the white stripes and important number on the now black desk. Great updo.

  11. This is a great transformation.

  12. WOW!!! You did an AMAZING job! I love this design. I did a similar one on a side table that I fell in love with. I'm thinking I'm going to have to make a matching desk. And that shelf?! Oh how I love it.


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