Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bathroom #3 {Main Floor Half Bath}

The Before was pretty much just a blank slate.  Just what I like!
It did however, just have a pull chain rusty and outdated light fixture - the chain broke and I had to stand on a chair to turn the light on.  There was also no vent, so the electrician had to come in and do some hacking in to the nice beautiful wall.  

The toilet looks so unsuspecting sitting there hidden around the corner....

But when we lifted the lid..........

Hey, when a house sits empty for a couple of years... what do you expect?  I hightailed it out of there before I lost my cookies (like Ty is about to in the picture!).

NOW.... doesn't it look like an okay to place to "take care of business"?

Now let's have a look-see at that adorable little corner sink:

I used Brasso and a toothbrush to scrub the very tarnished green faucets.  I knew there was something beautiful under all the grime... just keep scrubbing, just keep scrubbing....  I think I used half the bottle and though they're not perfect, here they are now!

 Now I know these are oh-so-pretty, but I'm going to be a big of a "Debbie Downer" here.  It's really uncomfortable to wash your hands.  Unless you're Paul Bunyon, your hands will only fit under one spigot at a time.  So you either get ice cold water or scald your skin.  No in between, folks.

I hope you'll excuse the photography of this bathroom since there is no natural lighting and it's a narrow little bathroom which meant getting decent pictures was a challenge!

You can see my repurposed drawer front here that I use for my hand towel.

I know, I should probably have some cutesy little mason jar soap dispenser in there... but alas.  You can't be Martha Stuart all the time.  Ha, who am I kidding.  I'm not even Martha Stuart 1% of the time!

I'm still crying a few tears that I didn't get my chandelier in this bathroom.
The electrician put the spot for the light too close to the wall so a chandy simply wouldn't fit without banging up against the wall.  :(  I couldn't find a light I liked for the life of me, so for awhile, just a light bulb lit the space.  Then one day while I was out of state I called my hubby to see what was happenin' on the home front and he informed he couldn't chat because he was in the middle of installing the light fixture for the half bath.  "What?!  But I couldn't find one I liked!"  "Well, I just went out and bought one" was his reply.  Oh help.  I was nervous.... but it's in and I have no choice but to like it, he said!  I don't think he did too bad, what do you think?  Like he said, I have no choice now, so might as well like it, even if I'm not sure it matches completely...

Well, there you have Bathroom #3's makeover!

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  1. Kammy, it is a GREAT little half bath ... and I agree... your hubby didn't do too badly with that light fixture. I love the plaque above the commode. You wouldn't have done a second one just lying around would you? ..... cuz I'd love one.

  2. Kammy, this post needs a warning at the top for those of us single women who read blogs at dinner time... :-) I scrolled down past that nasty toilet as fast as I could!
    Hubby did a pretty good job, I think!

  3. I think your husband did a great job picking the light fixture! If my fiance' had to choose, he probably would've just left the naked bulb ;)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. Hey Sunshine, I like that fixture, he did a good job! You did a great job scrubbing all those years of gunk off those fixtures. That is a lot of work! What the heck was up with that toilet, hahah, ewww! I hope your hubby took care of that and not you! :-)

  5. I grew up with a very similar sink, except the drain was on a chain! I'm glad you kept the original--it's a charming bathroom makeover. Take care!


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