Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lyre Back Chairs Through Tweens, Midlife Crisis, and Maturity

 This pair of beautiful lyre chairs have a story to tell. Almost fifteen years ago, I bought them from an "antique shop" that I'm pretty sure was just a cover for a drug ring.  Shadier than Slim, but they were a killer deal so I brought them home, crazy bright red fabric and all.

I went through this huge animal print phase where my dining room had leopard print wall paper border, a zebra area rug, and the walls were covered in monkey decor.  Naturally, I covered the chairs in a fuzzy cheetah print, which in turn were covered in cat hair from my precious domesticated but often wild cats.

This week, the chairs grew up.  Got with the times.  Came to their senses.  They'd been admiring my herringbone curtains in the living room and really wanted to wear the stylish fabric themselves, so a curtain turned into new seat covers for the lyre back chair pair.  Oh, so pretty and mature now!
They've arrived, wouldn't you say?

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  1. Love these and that fabric looks great on them!

  2. Gorgeous chairs! The frames are timeless, so many different fabrics would look great.

  3. Fun story! I am trying to imagine the animal print dining room...guests must have enjoyed coming over. The "mature" look is very becoming for these chairs.

  4. I love the latest fabric change, very modern and pretty!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  5. Gah love the transformation a little fabric did for those beautiful chairs. Oh and that ladder!!!

  6. Love these chairs, aren't those backs just gorgeous?! I love the ladder too!


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