Sunday, May 17, 2015

Updating The Foyer

I've never really had a foyer before.
  Having a foyer makes me feel like I'm more important than I am.  It even makes me feel guilty when I wear my comfy pants around the house.  And my dirty mowing clothes.  Funny thing is, on Mother's Day I did a casual "mom interview" with my boys over frozen custard at Culvers.  My older son says his favorite thing on me is a dress and my hair curled.  My younger son says he likes me best in my mowing clothes.  That really made me laugh out loud.

Attention back to the foyer.  

As you can see in the above photo, there was no chandelier.  For that matter, there were pretty much no light fixtures anywhere in the house!  Most of the lighting in this house are the old wall sconce lights, most of which had been taken, gone, stripped.  Booooo.  Anyhoo, I found a chandy in a thrift shop for just $6 and spray painted it black.  

One thing about buying a house that sits empty for a loooong time is how dirty it can get!  
Wait, who am I kidding?  I have three outdoor-loving kids.  The house is now occupied and STILL DIRTY!

Anyways, I had a good little helper when I could convince her to leave her bug hunting expeditions and even on occasion, I had these wonderful people that I like to think of as my angels in disguise like Sue Rockey (pictured below) who would just show up and go to work!  Can you believe that I had only met Sue once before this day? Her husband, John Rockey, was our realtor (AND I'm happy to add a sponsor of Kammy's Korner) and one day I got a text from her telling me she would love to come work on any projects I needed help with!  Blew me away.  Not only was she super sweet in coming to work, she is the energizer bunny!  My daughter stuck like glue to her. :)

So all of the trim in the house is white, for which I am extremely grateful.  I love the clean look of white woodwork and I am so thankful I didn't have to paint any!  Except for the trim around the front door and window.  Everyone told me NOT TO PAINT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!  So to keep everyone from throwing me off the top of our windmill, I DIDN'T PAINT THE DOOR!  No actually, I really like the huge wooden door just as it is!  The woodwork however, gave the foyer a gloomy feel and stuck out like a sore thumb amidst all the rest of the white wood work in the house.

After painting the trim with Kilz and white glossy paint, wee gave all the crown molding a fresh coat of white too and then I mixed up a refreshing shade of soft gray for the walls using mistints I had on hand and viola!  A welcoming and crisp new look for the grand foyer!  I should say "we" not "I" as my mom did most of this paint project for me while she visited this week.  She is another one of those "energizer bunny" women.

And in case you're wondering, the rug is an indoor/outdoor rug from Lowes and the wreath is made from coffee filters.  

So you all can breath a sigh of relief that I didn't paint the beautiful wood door, but don't ya think the trim looks so much better white?  Admit it, even you wood-painting haters! :)

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  1. I love it!! My trim was a mix of oak and an ugly tan color...the tan is slowly being repainted to cream (closest I could get the hubby to white as he prefers the oak look...) I sadly have been asked to leave the oak unpainted...oh well.

  2. You did it right Kammy! You wood purists: look at how much more beautiful the door is now that it's showcased with white. Tell your husbands to go live in the barn and you girls go paint your ugly wood!

  3. The painted trim frames the door beautifully. Great decision! Love seeing your progress.

  4. Yes, paint that wood! We did the same thing in our home and it looks so much better. Love your foyer update! Lovely!

  5. The painted trim looks great! I also love that you have a wreath on the back side of your door, I never would've thought of that!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. $6 bucks?!?! Seriously?
    I can never find one that cheap. It's like THEY DON'T WANT TO SELL the old busted chandy!
    It looks great in your foyer...I like the look of the natural wood against that navy rug... and that grey paint with white detail... Oh, wait! That's just the look I'm gravitating toward in my living room.
    Natural, navy, blue and white... with a touch of KIWI-LIME!
    have a great weekend.
    Oh... I love your old house btw! I have one of those too...only smaller :)

  7. I think the trim painted white is the perfect solution! Now your Grand Foyer looks GRAND! Beautiful!!


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