Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mudroom Reveal: Gutting and Starting Over!

It was So dark.  And brown.  And paneled.  And cork board-y.  And rotten.... so rotten that if you kicked the wall by the door the bottom edge flapped away from the house.  Oh, so much for just painting the whole thing and calling it good!  Cuz that was my plan.  Paint covers just about everything.  Everything but rotten.

Oh, and that brown carpeted bench in the corner?  Let me tell you something.  Everything in this house was SO WELL MADE... Hubby handed me a crow bar and told me to get rid of it.  Huh, wha???  It.  Wouldn't.  Budge.   I think it took two men to pry that thing out.  When something was built in this house, it was built to stay!  And overall, that's a good thing!  Unless you're trying to tear it out....

Behind all that paneling was siding!  Old wood siding.  I think Hubby had fun karate chopping it out and relieving some pent up stress.  Not that this house was giving him any stress....

New drywall always makes life better!

And then more stress relieving...

And Viola!  Done!

We just painted some boards white and screwed them to the wall and I bought hooks at Menards and screwed them on, too.  I wanted lots of hooks for everyone's gazillion coats, back packs, barf bags, etc.
I would also eventually like to get a bench with storage underneath.  Right now, that bar on the bottom makes it impossible to slide baskets or anything under it.  Working on it.

The electric box wasn't too cute....

So Hubby cut this from the door that was on the old wishing well and covered 'er right up.
Hopefully he cleans the dirt off before hanging something like this next time. 


The door on the left is a very conveniently located bathroom - for the kids to go straight into when they're playing outside so all their dirt and grime doesn't come in to contact with the main part of the house.  Dirt, dirt, DIRT.  There is so much dirt in this family.

When I finally get my laundry room organized and cutesied, I'll show that to you too.  But for now... it's just up a step and right around this here corner......

Soon, those cubbies won't be big enough for my growing kiddo's shoes.  But for now it works great!

And another look at this swell transformation with a side by side before and after photo......


  1. wow! Great transformation! The original carpeted bench totally reminds me of a cat scratching post. Your turquoise bench is much more inviting, maybe not for any cats, but definitely for people.

    I'm impressed by your family's hard work transforming your house. Last month we installed a new shower insert and the bathroom still isn't finished! Once it was functional we walked away and called it "done." You two rock!

  2. What a difference!! I love it! So much better.

  3. Whew, crazy difference! Love that little door over the electrical box.

  4. oy. that is a huge improvement over that carpeted bench, yeesh. loving the stripes, too.

  5. Wow! What a change - you did an awesome job, Kammy! Love the door you put up to hide the electric box, super cute!

  6. Wow! I love it! The colors are so fun! I wish I had a bathroom and mudroom off the back of the house to catch dirt!!!

  7. LOVE your paint colour choices! Such a perfect little space for organizing coats & shoes.

  8. Cute!
    Lots of fun color and lots and lots of hooks.
    never too many hooks!

  9. Gorgeous transformation! I love that little door to hide the electric box, and having a lot of hooks... brilliant. In Minnesota, it can be 80 and 40 in the same week, so we have tons of jackets for all weather, and they pile up on the hooks because we only have one per person. Maybe I need to add more too. Thanks for sharing your space.

  10. Wow, that is quite a transformation. Love the stripes. So much work but so worth it. Thanks for sharing. Started following you!

  11. Wow!! What an awesome transformation. I love the colors.


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