Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rockin' The Avocado Green Bathtub (For Now!!)

Putting a band-aid on it!!

Today I'm just going to give you a peak into Tobin's bathroom.  It is still pretty "raw", but SO much better than it was!  It took some major plumbing to get this bathroom running, but for now it works and so we decided it best to just "put a band aid on it"!  In time, we'll rip the band aid off and give the whole bathroom a complete start over.  But for now, the toilet flushes, the sink (sort of) works, and the dirt washes off just fine in his avocado colored bathtub! 

So, this is NOT done, just a "getting by" post!  Sometimes, you just can't do it all!! :)

Enjoy a few before and afters of the tub space:

On the left side of the picture above,, you can see there used to be another doorway in to this bathroom.  They walled it from the hallway but not from inside the bathroom.  Part of our "band aid" for that, was to put a piece of paneling we pulled off the kitchen wall over it for now, and painted it white.  Eventually, we will be opening that doorway back up so our guests can use this bathroom.



Thank Heaven for Dads!! He always gets the dirty work.

Painted subflooring until we get "real" flooring...

Just slipping in this picture 8 years later because I sold the ladder and found this board with hooks in a garage sale "free box". Score! :) 


Like I said, it's still pretty "raw"!

What do you think?  Would you work around an avocado tub or replace it ASAP?

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  1. Maybe you're bringing the avocado tub back. Creds go to you, if this takes off :)

  2. Oh wow, that's a pretty awful tub! But your band-aid actually works, it looks much better than it did in the beginning :) Can't wait to see how you totally transform this room!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. I think it looks fresh with the navy and white. Plus it is probably a very good sized tub and better made than what you can buy now. At the very most, I would have it resurfaced in white later when funds are available for such.

  4. Sometimes you just gotta rock what you got ;) The blue and white helps tone done the green--good fix!

  5. Can you keep it and just have it reglazed white?

  6. Gotta love all the unexpected details in an old house like this - it's what gives them so much character! (As in hidden doorways and the "arch" over the bathtub.)

  7. So fun! I think it adds a bit of character to the bathroom. I love the shower curtain!

  8. Love the arched tub alcove! I admire your ability to make the best out of blah, even if it's only a short-term fix!

  9. Love the accent colors you used with it! Keep the avocado!!! So much character. :)

  10. Ok... I'm just going to say it, I've said it on my blog and I'll say it here.
    I love the Avocado , eh...and sometimes the harvest gold.
    But the Avocado green... I just love.
    Last year we thought we were moving...and I saw house after house on line with colored bathroom fixtures...
    I told my husband, if the glaze is good and it just needs cleaning. I'd keep it.
    He was totally fine with it.
    I am really into Blue and Green (navy and green) ... It works!
    You did a great job and a functional and clean bathroom while the house gets renovated ...is vitally important for sanity's sake.
    So to your question?
    I'd keep it.

  11. I vote for keeping it, but having it resurfaced -- check out "Savvy Southern Style" -- I think she was working with brown fixtures -- makes that green not so bad, right? ;) And boys are great -- they wouldn't even think to complain about such things :D Good luck with all your projects!


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