Friday, March 10, 2023

Fill Hard-To-Decorate Wall Space With Charming DIY Shelving

This has been the year for shelves in our house!
In the last 12 months, we've added wall shelves to three different rooms and I keep wondering why I didn't do it sooner.
I invite you to come have a look-see!

I had some wall space in my house where nothing looked right.

First up was this big blank space over my buffet in the family room.
I gotta tell you about this buffet before we move on to the shelves.
Someone posted it in our neighborhood facebook group as a "Free, come and get it! Would make a good workbench in a garage".  Whoa, whoa whoa. Honey, I'm there. Don't anyone be puttin' that in their garage with greasy tools! It's going straight in my family room AS IS! That's right, I didn't even dab some Old English on it. 

So it's totally against my norm, but I bought the materials for these shelves (the wood from the other projects were salvaged barn wood). These metal brackets and boards were from Menards. I had every intention of staining the wood, but once I got them up and staged them... I couldn't decide what stain I thought would look good and then the more I looked at them the more I felt the boho vibe comin' off them.... so call me lazy or call me a trendsetter, I don't give a rip. I'm leavin' 'em raw.

(Yup, records are cool now. But some of us never stopped listening to our vinyls....)

I'm not big into knick knacks taking up residence on side tables, etc. so shelves are a great way to show off things like my wood cat statues and things I pick up at yard sales that I find interesting.

Over-The-Computer-Desk Shelves

This space also always puzzled me. Everything I tried hanging on the wall felt "off" with that computer screen. 
Why did it take me so long to think of shelves? I feel like an idiot.

Tim ordered these metal brackets online but I wanted them to angle up so so the boards appeared to be floating shelves. They blend in with the black walls and also the objects on the shelf would hide the hardware if they didn't hang down. We had to cut off the end because it curved up and they weren't the right size. Nothing a black sharpie couldn't fix! Just colored in the cut edge. The boards were a little warped because they were from an old barn, but they had the perfect rustic patina. 

An awkward corner is now interesting and full of style! 

Click HERE to see the full living room makeover.

Last and definitely least...

Half Bath Shelves

My mom has been bugging me for yeeeears to put shelves over the toilet in our half bath.
So I did have a few fleeting anxious thoughts of not having cabinet doors to hide bathroom-y things behind... but there is this ancient old invention that we still use today - 
BASKETS. This "before"  photo is about 10 years old... I had painted over the subway art a few years back, but this is the only before photo I could find. (I really went through a phase where I subway arted everything!)

Yup, so much cuter now! You were right, Mom!
Again, those are made with salvaged wood. These particular ones came from a friend who tore down his garden shed and donated them to my stash. 
I'll always be grateful to all the folks who call me before starting their fire!

Got a spot on your walls you want to add shelves to after seeing this?
I hope you've been inspired!
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And I'd love to see YOUR shelves!
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