Thursday, January 18, 2024

Charming Chalkboards From Old Headboards

Is there anything more abundant on the curb than headboards??
Maybe it's just where I live.
It's probably cheese boxes in Wisconsin.

Not being one to waste anything, I pried off the wood embellishments and used them on other projects. Then using a circular saw, cut the left and right sides off. I cut a board to run the length of the bottom and using wood glue and a nail gun secured that to the bottom for a little shelf. With some white and paint for the trim and chalkboard paint for the body, here's what we've got!

Now let's move on to this dark plastic-made-to-look-like-wood beauty straight out of Grandma's house in the 1980's!
I literally stashed this in the "I'll do something with it someday" pile for ELEVEN YEARS. Folks, we don't even live at the same house as we did eleven years ago, which means it got hauled to our new place just to sit and be a home to spiders and dust for a decade! I wish I could say this was the only thing I brought from our old house and then let hang out in the barn untouched but.... Don't worry. I'll eventually get to them. Just like I did this one! Maybe.

Make the cut...

spray paint white and add the ledge at the bottom

Then after painting the main body with chalkboard paint (I got lazy and instead of making my own like normal, I bought the version Rustoleum makes). And you have a cute, useable chalkboard!!
Sorry you missed the sale being advertised on it, that happened in November of 2023.
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