Sunday, January 3, 2021

Library On The Landing Makeover {Vintage Sofa}

I had already gotten a light blue tufted vintage sofa from Darin.  About a year ago.  It took some serious brute force to get it up over the banister and into the upstairs bedroom of our Airbnb, but we got it in there.  And then I promptly regretting not keeping it for my own house.  It was LIGHT BLUE!  VINTAGE!  A TUFTED SOFA!  What was I thinking???  But after all the effort of getting it into it's present spot... I knew the males on the property would have my head if I asked them to try to get it back out. (Click HERE to see free sofa #1 in our Airbnb).

And then I got the following picture texted to me a couple weeks ago from my buddy Darin (Michigan Ave Antiques)." Kammy, two free couches.  Come and get them ASAP if you want them." 

 I skidaddled over there in a jiffy. 

  Apparently I took forty two seconds too long for Darin and I got there with no one to help.  I drug Shana out of her office a block away at Edwards Jones and together we hefted it into my truck.  May I suggest Shana if you ever need colorful commentary and entertainment while you move something. Shana, maybe you should keep a coat at the office just in case this scenario needs to repeat itself!

I had no idea where I was going to put it when I said yes to the lovely beast, but as I drove the one mile home it became clear in my head that it belonged in the "library on the landing" at the top of the stairs.

Shall we have a look-see at the photo that was on Zillow of this space while it was in foreclosure?

Nice.  Blank slates are a homeowner's dream. 
It's had several different looks over the six years we've lived here... 
I'm not even going to show you the first couple arrangements because they're so embarrassing.
This picture was one of my rather "hodge podge arrangements" from a few years back:

And more recently, as in two weeks ago, it looked like this:

Now there's nothing wrong with it's latest look... but I was ready for something new. Plus, those chairs would go perfect in my master bedroom!

And now, behold today:

The rug I found whole home in Iowa for Christmas at Home Goods, which was pretty much my only expense in this makeover ($59 for a 5x7) and then these wall hangings which I painted and had bought once at a yard sale for a buck a piece.

I can call this the library because the white book shelf is full of books, as are the wood cubbies you see on the walls peaking out of the left corner of this next photo:

Last month I shared the white cabinet's makeover HERE.  And I've already moved it out of the master bedroom, which is what I did it for!

My beautiful kitties make it look extra purrfect.

I really screwed up the coloring on this next photo, but I wanted to share the awesome view from this window of the backyard!  Notice the windmill in the back! :) (Click HERE to read my post on our windmill). 

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  1. Gosh, you are so talented! It's a beautiful library!

  2. I think you have impeccable taste and LOVE to see what you come up with! Love this Library on the Landing! Such a welcoming spot.


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