Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not Your Average Barn Wood Table - It's a BARBLE!

 No, no.  What you are about to see is NOT your average hand made barn wood table with salvaged wood.  We had to knock down a freaking wall for this baby!  You can not move it, it's stationary... so it's kind of like a breakfast bar... but it's our table.... thus we call it our "barble".  Since the sunroom is sunken, as in you gotta step down from this side into the next room, one side is kitchen chair height and the other side is bar height.  Yes, we eat all of our meals at the "barble",  I love our barble, and let me share with you how this "barble" all went down!

First, we had to take a wall down.  But only half way!  I wanted the wall to be table height so that the bottom half of the wall would be the base.  Follow me?  My electrical engineer hubby did not.  For a long time.  Trying to get my vision into his "logical" head so he could execute the plan almost caused world war III in our marriage.  I exaggerate.  But just a little.  Thankfully, my Dad can get inside my head a little better... and it turned out almost just as I had envisioned!

So here is what is standing between the eating area and the "sunroom" where I want to eat as a happy little family.  Not just a wall, but a big ugly paneled closet.  For the sake of making a long story short, I'm going to keep it at that.


Okay so now we are getting the wall down to where I want it.  It's time to go look for some long boards to use for my table (barble) top.

Dad and I take a measuring tape and go on a hunt around the property.  Our property has a load of outbuildings to wander through.  The first place we find some good boards is on the floor in the back of a rotting part of the barn.  No worries, we cleaned off all the old animal poo real good like.  :)

Then we took a couple from the top of this old work bench....

And to keep from boring you, I'll just say a few other places as well until we had enough!

 They were all cut to the same length, and bless my Dad's heart, he put them all in his pick up truck and carted them back to Iowa where he could sand them and put them all together with wood glue and screws.  Then on his next trip to visit us, he brought it back to secure on to the "half wall".

There were several knot holes in the wood that we could see were going to be a pain if food spilled, etc.  Even though I know my perfect children would never spill a glass of milk or slop spaghetti sauce, we decided to do something about it. So my resourceful mama had a great idea and filled them with wood filler and then using a sharpie, drew lines consistent with a knot and stained them.  You can never tell by looking at the table top it was done with a Sharpie!

 My wonderful mom also put about seven coats of polyurethane on the wood.  I think I took a couple turns actually.  She really should get the Bomb Dot Com Mom of the Year award.

 So as you can see, there is a step down into the sunroom side.  Oh my word, old people do not ever see this.  My grandparents came for a visit and Grandma did a somersault right over the edge.  And then five minutes later, Grandpa did too.  Good thing they're both short and non-fragile!  So we have barstools on the one side, and benches on the other.  Since someone will inevitably ask, the adjustable height barstools came from Target.

You want to see what this picture above looked like last  year?!  Oh brace yourself real good....

How about a few more pretty pictures to end on? :)

I'm still not sure what to do with that trim piece on the end - paint it white or stain it?!!

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  1. Wow, that is some gut job...you have to be young to do that, LOL. Thanks for hosting, and I love your table...excellent and you will use it forever. Sandi

  2. I love it. Perfect room divider and a great gathering table... um, Barble! :)

  3. I love it! Its very unique and your house is amazing.

  4. I love, love your "barble". It is gorgeous. As for the trim piece I would leave natural as it fits both sides that way. Definitely would not paint it.

  5. Love your "barble". It's so unique and practical and minimizes the space a regular table would have taken. Great vision.

  6. Absolutely beautiful!
    Looks like it could "catch" a few people the step down!
    I say stain the trim piece.

  7. It looks terrific! Awesome job creating your Barble ;-)

  8. Oh my gosh! You have done such a fantastic job! What a creative idea! And the house is looking so much better......

  9. Wow...I just love everything about this...beautiful!

  10. My goodness...your barble is GeNiUs! I love that each side is a different floor level. My personal opinion is to paint the end piece. Your home is spectacular! Great work and thanks for sharing your process.

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the planked walls and the grain sack benches as well. I just gave a red bench a grain sack stripe for my basement kitchen and I love how it turned out! Hopped over from Feathered Nest Friday. I have a link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. It's about sharing the things that make you happy. I'd love if you shared some time!

  12. OMG your Before and After Images blew me away, your Vision came together Beautifully and the Transformation is remarkable! You are also hilarious in the telling of the Process! So Gorgeous Imagery infused with Great Humor = a really Good Read! Glad I stumbled upon your Blog this Evening... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Jaw drop... this is totally amazing Kammy! I just ADORE how your home is so unique with every turn! I can't even grasp the before... that just can't BE! haha

    Totally featuring you on Party Junk this weekend. :)

  14. Looks awesome!!! Could you tell me where the lights over the barble came from?

  15. Hi Kammy! I love this. I just emailed you about being featured on Remodelaholic, so check your spam/junk folder and drop me a line at hello@remodelaholic.com please!

  16. That barble of yours is one beauty! And so very unique. One side up the other side down. You have done an amazing job of transforming the whole space. Bravo!!

  17. Awesome job Kammy! It turned out so darn cute... And the flour sack stripe on the bench tops is adorable. Liz

  18. YOur transformation of this place is just fantastic!You really did a beautiful job. You have great taste. It just looks so comfortable and fresh!

  19. I'm in love with your drapes! Can you share where you got them, or the fabric if they're DIY. Thank you!


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