Thursday, October 29, 2015

Making Your Own Stencils Is Easy!

You would probably freak out if you knew I have a Cameo Silhouette sitting almost untouched in a box in my attic.  I know, I could probably make all sorts of amazing stencils if I could figure out the stinking program but I'm just an untechy hick.  So instead, give me a utility knife and I'll just do it myself!

All you need is your image (you can draw your own outline, or print one off) and then a transparent folder or other thin plastic sheet, a utility knife (or x-acto knife) and something like cardboard to put under it so you don't cut your table.  

Put the clear plastic sheet over the outline and start cutting around the image.  I usually tape the corners down so it doesn't move, but this was such an easy outline, I didn't bother.

Take your time!!  :)

Bam.  There it is. 
 Fun to use the part you cut out too - so don't throw that out!

For my letters, I buy the packs at Wal Mart for cheap and they last a good long time.  I just bought my second pack after about four years of gunked up paint on the old ones!  The "E" was getting so thin you could barely make it out anymore.

 I sanded over my white paint lightly to distress it a tad bit.

By the way, this cutting board has a crazy carved design on the front.  Yes, this is the backside you are looking at!   I just stained it with some Old English so it was a nice wood color.  Picked it up for fifty cents at a garage sale.  Man, I can't wait for garage sale season to start up again - eek it just ended and I have to go all winter without them!!

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  1. I love this. Why did I not think to do stencils like that?! Great tip!

  2. As a farmers wife, I love this! I may have to try this out :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. Awesome! I love stenciling! Thanks for the tutorial on making stencils!!

  4. I love it, you really did a nice job and thank you for sharing.

  5. Cant believe you have a camo and arent using it lol.. Thanks for tips on stenciling (from parma day amd this post) cant wait to try it:)

  6. What a great idea! I am going to make a few for the holidays and let my boys decorate a few things. Thanks for sharing this tutorial and your Fresh Milk board is so cute!!


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