Friday, January 22, 2021

Just Say No. Or not. {Buffet Before & After}

Every time I pull in my driveway with another load of crap treasures, my neighbor shakes his head and reminds me how I told him I wasn't going to say "yes" to any more furniture until I got rid of what I had. But how can I say no when someone says "You can have it, or it's going in the dumpster".  What? What a terrible lonely way to die! Someone once spotted the glorious wooden piece of their dreams in the furniture store ad and spent their precious wedding gift money on it, knowing right where it was going to go on that shag carpet, storing the china they registered for at Younkers and will never eat off of.  I can't stand the thought of something that once held crystal candy dishes about to be holding rat droppings and surrounded with rank poopy filled Pampers and moldy Campbell soup cans.

I even practiced saying "no" in my head.  Doug Moe was having one of his estate sales in the Estate Barn in Parma.  He greeted me when I pulled up with a "Hey, you can have that piece for free if you want.  Just need to get rid of it".  I tired to say no.  It looked bad. Real bad.  I didn't want to mess with it.  "Nooooo.....noooormal people, NORMAL people, would say no to that, but I'm not normal so throw it on my truck.  And just like that, I knew I would never be able to say no to free furniture.  

What I thought was mold around the bottom and creeping up proved not to be when I cleaned it and it just reappeared minutes later. I do believe something had splashed all over it that took the finish off so as soon as the wood would dry, the spots would just pop back up. I gave up.  It was clean, so who cared.  I painted it with a gray homemade chalk paint. Since I wing everything, I figured the solution to the awful top would just fall into my lap after I finished the bottom.

It kinda did. I had randomly gotten this wooden top from an old farmer down the road who had made it for a project and never used it.  As fate would have it, it fit the top of this buffet TO A "T".  How does that even happen??  Someone out there sending "good project vibes" to the Korner? If it was you, I'm grateful.

By the way, if you ever need shabby chic white frames... get your butt over to the Parma Antique Mall where I usually have a decent stash for sale.  And if I don't have what you want, go to my friend Becky's booth.  She has them too.  But be a peach and look at mine first. I'm the underdog dealer of the two of us. 😅

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  1. Holy smokes what a transformation!! And the top that fits so well really has a better stile for this piece. It looks happy again.
    You have some crazy great skills.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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