Thursday, January 18, 2018

Inside Gidley Station {Before and Afters}

Welcome to Gidley Station!

Gidley Station is the place next to us, on our property.  It started out as a railroad station in the 1800's, then became a general store, and then in the 1920's was moved a half mile down the road to it's present location and turned into living quarters, and then in 2017 it began it's latest venture as an Airbnb!  It has seen many guests from around the country and even globe in it's last nine months and it's been pretty exciting (and surprising!) for us!

It needed some serious updating before we could begin accepting guests, however!

This blog post is going to be a HUGE smattering of Before and Afters (I think which is which should be obvious - haha!) and not a whole lot of dialogue.  Just enjoy the photos! :)  I will try to put a "before" photo and follow it with an "after", with some "durings" scattered throughout.  Enjoy!



basement stairs area by the front door in the kitchen:

Meanwhile below me....
The boys put their hours in ripping out carpet.  These awful steps had two layers!  The carpet layers from Lowes who came to put in the new stuff were not thrilled about these angles.  Like not. at all.

This is the first sight when you open the front door.  To the left is the kitchen, straight ahead, the little stairway leads to the bathroom, which you then have to walk through to get to the master bedroom.  The little balcony is off the master bedroom. 

Upstairs master bedroom:

(UPDATE - Got a new bedspread and a SWEET vintage tufted sofa 
in master bedroom, shown in next few pictures!)

Bedroom downstairs (previously used as a family room)
Forgot to get a picture of this before we started installing the new carpet, so this will have to do:

The beds don't fit perfectly in the space, but it's much easier to use them this way, rather than have them as bunks!  

The bathroom was probably the only part of the house that had any updates done within the last fifty years.  But rust had done a number on the toilet, so we got a new one, and lightened up the walls and beadboard ceiling with light gray and white.

Just a little rust......

It's a little tight, and it's kind of an eclectic hodge podge of furniture... but this is the living room:

So on the other side of this wall.... is an attached garage.  
Now listen up folks.  An attached garage is just plain stupid if there's no way to get to it from inside the house!
So what is a person to do?  Make one!  Thanks, Dad!!

Updated photo with more comfortable furniture! I'd still like to get new curtains eventually and tone down all the red.  

Meanwhile on the other side......

Guess I never got a total "after shot" but this is close:

Godley Station has a nice little deck and beautiful views outside of the windmill (Click HERE to see the renovated windmill story!).

 Here's a view of Gidley Station from our house, up on the third floor.  Pardon the screen.  Too cold to do any better than shoot a photo through dirty glass and a screen! :)

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  1. You've done a beautiful job making things a pleasant stopping place for travelers! Love the view from your house. Gridley is lovely!

  2. Awesome! I'd be tempted to plan a trip before the end of the month, except it's colder there than it is here.

  3. It was so DARK before, yikes! Love the way it looks now.


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