Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Rustic Dining Area For The Felines

My precious furbabies.  
How could I have neglected you so?
Making you drink from a sixteen year old Dollar Tree water dish.
And eat from a tacky-looking bright blue plastic dish.
And the worst decor faux pas of all - storing your delectables in an old ice-cream pail!
Forgive your human, my fancy felines.
You are so much classier than that.

Home Goods had some cute stainless steel dishes that sat in a black scrolly metal stand.
Oh dear.  They weren't even on sale.  I couldn't believe I was even contemplating buying something NEW!  For my cats none-the-less!  But really.  Was it for the cats?  Or to save that horrible looking corner in my kitchen....  

After I had their cute dishes in place, I needed to find something to replace the ice cream bucket.
It's okay to use those to feed the chickens.  Outside.  Where they poop right next to where they lay their egg.  I love my feathered girls, but really?  Ice cream buckets suit them just fine.  
Not my Nelson and Harvey.

I'm glad I didn't buy what I thought might be "okay" at Home Goods.  
I actually didn't buy anything because I was sure when I got back home to Michigan I could just shop my house.  But I shopped and shopped and came up with nada.  Nothing.

That day, I ran in to the Parma Antique Mall to restock my booth.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to glance around for something to store their  Purina Cat Chow in.

BAM!  There it was.  I found the coolest old metal container ever!
And it had a lid.  And a handle.  And it was tall and slender.  And rusticly gorgeous. 

Parma Antique Mall Galvanized Metal Bucket With Lid and Handle

I was just about to grab my paintbrush to paint on a chalkboard laben when the thought occurred to me that I might be damaging a priceless antique someday.  No, rather than make it permanent, I should use one of the chalkboard labels I ordered from one of those school fundraiser catalogues that the kids bring home from time to time.  You know the ones.... groan....  

But I gotta tell ya, while most of those items in the fundraiser catalogs seem to be a rip off (I know, I know, the money is for a good cause) these chalkboard labels were an amazing value!  Our elementary has since found a better way to raise money, thank goodness, but if your kiddo brings one of them home ever, look for this package of chalkboard labels!!!  There are oodles of them, and they even came with a chalk marker.

I think Harvey is thankful for his handsome new container.  
And double YASSSS that it's tall.  Cats love to be up high. :)

So glad I can finally look under that counter overhang and not cringe! 
Why didn't I do that so much sooner???
I think it was being in some of my friends' homes out in Iowa over Christmas - that are like Chip and Joanna themselves - that inspired me to get my game on.

So there you have it.  Kind of a weird before and after today, 
but it makes this Cat-Mama purr! :)

Some of my favorite things have come from the Parma Antique Mall!!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!

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