Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Upholstered Bench, Stick Signage, And A Sharpie Pillow

This past Christmas, we headed to Iowa to chill with my side of the family. 
And when I'm out there, I always gotta hit up their huge Goodwill! 
It's a fantastic one, probably because Cedar Falls is a classy town so the donors are classy people, donating classy items for us classy-wannabees.  

I picked up some great stuff, including this upholstered bench!  The fabric was real roughed up on one side, but other than that it was in great shape.  Our van was PACKED on the way home and I had to convince Hubby that if we flipped it upside down, all the skiis and poles could lay right across it.  (All those skis and poles and ski boots that traveled 1,000 miles and NEVER TOUCHED THE SNOW!  AHHHHH!  What can I say?  I'm not the same girl who called all her friends when school got canceled for extreme cold weather to go hit the slopes.  What?  No school?  Let's go skiing!!! Nope, if the actual temp is less than zero now, I ain't gone-do-it!)

So this next picture is one I shared a few weeks ago, showing how I was covering up that big mirrored wall with a huge canvas photo.  And someone commented on my Facebook page:

  "I like it with the picture better. How about some type of bench across from it?

So, see?  Sometimes I really do listen to your suggestions!  Maybe not 98% of them, but there's always that 2%...

Tada!  You were right, Carolyn!  It needed a bench!

The fabric was on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Another store I have to visit while in Iowa!  We have some in Michigan, but definitely not close enough for my hermitish self.  I totally guessed on how much I needed, since I forgot to measure, and didn't have an inch to spare in length!  Phew!  BUT, it was a wide cut, so I had enough to do a pillow!  Maybe two! :)

So funny thing is, we got home from Iowa at midnight after being gone ten days.  The next morning I didn't unpack, I didn't go get groceries, I didn't start laundry.... no. I quick recovered the bench! First things first! Haha.

Now how 'bout that "HOME" sign on the wall above it?
One day my crazy creative friend Marie texts me and says she saw this idea and Pinterest and to put the coffee on cuz she comin' over to craft!

First, she tells me, we gotta go out and gather some sticks.  Then we head out to my shop where I got loads of salvaged wood.  Then bring it all back in the house and get to creating.  I also have a plethora of rusty old tools and junk, so I lug some of that up to the table.

Check out our finished products!  So cute, eh?  And didn't cost ANYTHING.
Oh, and guess how we held those twigs on?  Ryobi nail gun.  Yeah, that's right.  
Had to be careful not to split the wood, but shoot.  It's not like it's hard to get another twig if you murder one.   That Ryobi I tell ya... can't live without my battery powered tools.

Okay, and now I gotta tell you about my arrow pillow cuz I recovered an old pillow with some white fabric I had in my hoarded fabric stash and then used a stencil and a black sharpie to get my design.  YES!  I've always wanted to do something other than label freezer baggies with a sharpie.

Pin this idea for later!! :)

Thanks for stopping by today!!!

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  1. Love your bench and fun pillows!!! Your staircase too!!!! In fact I must pin a bunch ! Christine from Little Brags!

  2. Happy 2018 New Year Kammy. Pinned your twig and things signs. Great idea.

  3. How fun! I love the white trim up the stairs.We have white baseboards and faded oak stain along the staircase trim. Driving me nuts. And, I bet I could paint them and hubs would not notice! ha ! We live in CO and have no snow in city and mountains are getting very little!

  4. That is super cute. I love a good crafting session. Love the arrow pillow.

  5. The bench really does cozy up the area. I'm crushing on those handcrafted signs which is on my exceedingly long list of things to make. Yours turned out soooo cute!


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