Thursday, January 4, 2018

Repurposed Closet Door... And how I about took out an Airbnb Guest With It!

There was a very scary mudroom in the tenant house on our property.
We decided the room would thank us if we busted this closet out of there!
It had two very heavy wooden sliding doors, one of which was already removed in these photos and probably heading for the burn pile when I intervened cuz ya know... #repurposeeverything....

(Check out what the mudroom looks like now... HERE)

The wheels would be kept on and put to use, as well as the handles. :)
Thanks to Ryobi's battery powered saw with a laser beam, cutting this bad boy up was pretty simple!

Ryobi, are you paying attention?  
You follow me on my lowly  Instagram account, which makes me giddy, but when do I start getting sponsored? ;)

So here's what one chunk turned into:

A towel holder! Black chalkboard paint, distressed, and the words WASH, RINSE, DRY.

For this handle, I used a gold oil-based paint that I've literally had for 16 years, and I still use it.  In fact, it's just a little half pint and it's not even half gone!  A little goes a long way.

Now THIS sign, could have cost me dearly.  Like DEARLY.  Let me tell you the story....

I painted the scripture text found in Matthew 11: 28 "Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."  Seemed pretty fitting to hang over the bed in our newly listed Airbnb!  I was excited for something nice and big because the bed didn't have a headboard.  The problem was.....  I used jute rope that was WAY TOO THIN!!!!  I mean, how was I  to know that the skinny nail I hung it on was going to act like a little knife on the rope?  Seriously. I can be such a brainless idiot some days.

So it was my second group of guests ever staying in our airbnb next door when I get a text from the woman that the sign over the bed had come crashing down because the rope broke during the day.  THANK HEAVENS IT WASN'T AT NIGHT WHILE THEY WERE DREAMING OF SUGAR PLUM FAIRIES!!!!  I think it could have done some brain damage!  Can we say, lawsuit?  Worst nightmare.  Thankfully, the only damage was some scraped paint off the wall. When we first opened our Airbnb, I would get soooo nervous about things not being just right!!  So this kind of put me in panic mode!

After taking a couple of weeks to recover from the terror of the "what if's" going through my brain, I redid it with a much more heavy duty thick rope.  The castors that the closet door slid on were perfect for the rope to wrap around.  Just make sure the rope is STURDY!  And just in case, let's hang it somewhere other than over the bed.  It got moved to the couch.  At least they would be conscious if it fell again.

My precious Taffy kitty cat who is now in kitty heaven... always posed so beautifully for me. (Or was just always in the way of my photo shoots....) :)

So about a month later, a family was staying in our airbnb when I got a text asking if I could paint a sign for them just like the one above, but using the verse  "But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength.  Isaiah 40:31"... and could I please put an eagle on it. The issue was, I received this text fairly late in the evening and they were leaving in the morning.  They really didn't want to pay for shipping...  Well low and behold, I had the other hunk of door cut, with castor rollers still attached, and painted black just waiting for me to paint a sign on!  So at about midnight I finished it, and brought it over as they were packing up their van the next morning.  Thankfully they loved it (or they pretended really well) and were super appreciative of me being willing to do it on the fly.

Almost everything decorating the Airbnb next door is for sale, and the original one eventually sold too.

So, I still actually have a few chunks of this closet door left, including another piece with a handle, and I'm waiting for motivation plus inspiration to strike.  And you never know how long that might take.... 

Thanks for stopping by!

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