Thursday, December 10, 2020

Repurposed Hutch Top Using Bed Posts

If this were an all female audience,  I'd blog about the humorous morning I had getting a mammogram with the "new girl on the job".  But since I know there are some dudes out there.... I'll just stick to this repurposed hutch top makeover. Actually, after my mammo, I stopped at Saint Vincent De Paul because I don't know about where you live,  but ours has a wickedly amazing library of used books. And they're only 94 cents each!  I got a good stack that should last me awhile and to be honest, I'm trying to type this as fast as I can  because that stack of books, my couch, and that huge fluffy blanket is beckoning me!  Bet you didn't know I'd rather be reading than blogging... maybe that's why it's been a hot minute since I've been on the Korner. Someone slap me.  I do not say things like "hot minute".

This piece of furniture came out of a girl's barn and it had some serious dirt build-up!  First thing I did with it was remove the middle door, paint it white and hang it on my wall over the TV. Check it out:

(See the TV console makeover HERE. It came out of the same barn!)

So now we have a cabinet without a middle door.  This piece killed two birds with one stone.

I have a pretty decent stash of beds (mostly headboards) in my barn. While I have grandiose ideas for them, they've been sitting collecting guano (gag), cobwebs, and dust for years.  So I thought, why not hack off the tops of a headboard and footboard (bedposts) to use for the legs? Since you can't see the back ones, they are just square, from further down the bedpost. Before you start with the "Oh Kammy, you are soooo amazing yada yada" stuff, let me put a stop to it real quick and tell you I commissioned my dad to put the legs on for me.  I wasn't real confident in my ability to make them secure PLUS If I don't give him a job to do when he comes to visit me in Michigan, he will disappear on his bicycle without informing a soul and will be off to who knows where for the day.  He'll roll in all sweaty and I'll ask him how far he went and he'll say something like "Well I was just going to do a quick 30 miles but I got lost and ended up in a town called Homer and then took the long way home....

Yes I have loads of outdoor storage but yes it was fulllllll to the max and I needed space to work on stuff for my barn sale.  So I put this up in my bedroom and decided I'd get around to painting it after it was already in it's spot.  That only took a few months to get around to.... procrastination Kammelation.

So here's the finished product - A new bookshelf for the master bedroom for my growing stash and I'm also so thrilled to have this corner of my bedroom looking somewhat decent again!  It's actually been my hubby's office area since Covid hit in March.  With all the rooms in our house, did he really have to set up shop in our bedroom?  I don't WANT to have to worry about all his coworkers hearing me sing "Killing Me Softly" at the top of my lungs when I'm getting dressed.  Tim wanted to kill me a few times... and not softly!

It can't just be for books.  I gotta have a spot to toss my most-loved-and-worn hats.
And blanket scarves.  They are tired of being draped over chairs.

2023 Update: It's now the book shelf on my landing.

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  2. Gorgeous! I saw a couple of leaded cupboard doors and some tempered glass shower doors on my dog walk this morning. Going back to get them so I can make my own!


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