Friday, March 2, 2018

Hutch Makeover {Fancy Back and PeekABoo Drawers}

A sweet friend gave me this piece.  It was in slightly rough shape, but not bad enough to make me do anything to it for several years - it's been sitting in my living room until I just got a gorgeous new piece at the Parma Antique Mall (Eeeek, can't wait to show you!) and decided to paint this beauty and move it upstairs.  Don't cry wood lovers, it's not an expensive, beautiful wood finish.  It was actually a cheaper veneer and not in good shape.  Sturdy (minus the drawer bottoms) but in rough shape!

Do I really even have to say anything?  
I think the pictures speak for themselves.
Besides, I have a secret, that is about to be made public here....
I was painting it to sell it in my booth, but... after all the things I've painted, I feel like I've had more "oopsies" lately rather than "sweet nectar" finished painting moments and it just wasn't good enough when I was done to sell.  
As in... if you look at it close up, you'd think it was my first time ever holding a paint brush in my hand.  Not even lying.

So, here we go.... looking beautiful from a step back, and a few pics on how it got there! :)

white gray hutch stenciled kammy's korner

Love me some "peek a boo" drawers....
What are they really good for?  Pretty much just a snazzy photo. :)

gray white hutch stenciled peek a boo drawers painted sides

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  1. Wow Kammy, that is just gorgeous!! I have a small roll top desk that I would love to do in a similar manner. Love the stencil and the extra touch on the sides of the drawers. Just great!

  2. I tried really hard to see your "oppsies", but I can't. It looks beautiful to me. Love the stenciling too. You have either camouflaged it well or you are too hard on yourself. I suspect it is the latter. God bless.


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