Sunday, March 25, 2018

Waterfall Bench, Trash Bin, and My Amazing English

First great sale of the year!  A church rummage sale just down the road.  Best part was, I totally forgot to stop on my way by that morning, so by the time I remembered that I had forgotten, there was less than an hour of the sale left!  Which meant they were just wanting to get rid of stuff!  Tina saw me as I walked in and knows how I love a deal and shouted out, half off everything and then another half off of that!  Alrighty then!  And I started my pile!  First on the list to makeover was this cute waterfall bench with the bright red cushion.... and the wood trash bin.

I had bought some gray wood stain at Menards on my last visit and thought this would be a good piece to experiment on.  I sanded it with my Ryobi sander (GASP, I just found out yesterday that my hubby has a belt sander.  He's been hiding it from me.  He says no, but why has he never showed me his belt sander when he watches me go through crazy amounts of sandpaper with my little guy?  Don't get me wrong.  I adore my Ryobi sander.  But a belt sander has been hiding in his tool stash?!)

Anyways, the gray stain did not look good.  Like at all.  Not on this thing anyway.  Maybe on another thing.  Cuz this thing didn't like it.  So I decided to paint it white.  I'm one of those "when in doubt - paint it white"  kinda girls.  At the moment anyway.

Then I taped off a square and put some chalkboard paint on it... and then I went to my almost-used-up stash of lath boards (hurry and visit me Dad! He has a pile ready to bring to Michigan with him the next time he comes!!!!) and used my best friend, Rhonda the Ryobi nail gun, to attach them in about 10 seconds flat.  

Folks, if you do not have one of these. Let me tell you something.  GAME. CHANGER. Literally.  By the way, I just gave my kids a HUGE speech on how the next generation is massacring the proper use of the word "literally", and how to use it properly in a sentence.  No kids, you did not just "literally" die.  Because I'd be bawling my eyes out and planning your funeral, not listening to your story.  Let me tell you.  This is where it is proper to use the word "literally".  Because this Ryobi nail gun is LITERALLY a game changer.  (And some of you are totally stuck on the fact that I was giving my kids lessons in the English language.  Ain't nobody even thought I knew how to speak right proper.  Well, I done right this time).  For reals.  New years resolution was to try to use correct grammar because I can hear the bad habits in my kids.  I'm doing tons more better.  Just kidding.  I'm doing lots better.  Or is it....much better?

So drumroll please.......  here they be!

So I guess I don't have any pics of the bench process, but it was pretty much a sand-the-daylights-out-of-it and restain the wood... and then I used an old Purina feed sack to recover the cushion.  But check out the GORGEOUS WOOD that was underneath all that dark, thick, drippy finish!!!!

I think I'll be putting them in my booth at the Parma Antique Mall. :)

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