Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ceiling Fan Style: From Dislike To Love

Hubby said we had to have ceiling fans.  Air circulating is a must.  I'm not a usually a "fan-on-in-the-house" kind of girl because I don't like to eat my hair I guess, so I was really hoping to pick out some exquisite light fixtures that I had been drooling over on Overstock.  I dreaded the idea of an ugly ceiling fan in my beautiful rooms!  BUT!  I discovered there are a few reasonable priced fans out there that fit right in with my decor and I actually love the look of them!

Now I know, this isn't my usual thrifty post.  But there were a few things we did buy new and ceiling fans were one of those things.  

This is the ceiling fan we just bought for our almost finished sunroom. 

We actually bought the same one a year ago for our family room!  Loved it so much we bought it again for the sunroom.  We thought maybe since they could see each other through the doorway, they might like to be twins.  They also tie in the lantern style sconces over the fireplace.

Any guesses as to where we bought them? No, not Wayfair or Overstock.... but good ole' Lowes.

Now I know, the decorative piece under this fan is a bit on the elegant side, but it came with the house and I LOVE IT and I wasn't about to get rid of it!!  So, I had to go with it. :)  It reminds me of myself. Rustic and fancy.  Maybe I just dream I'm fancy...

Here you can see how the fan ties the sconces over the fireplace in nicely:

Click HERE to see how I painted and stenciled the granite surrounding the fireplace.

And then I saw the beautiful ceiling fan my sister picked out for her new living room and just had to have one like it!  Our bedroom had this transparent thick plastic-ish looking one that believe it or not I almost kept simply because it was the fastest fan on the planet and made absolutely no noise.  Even though it was not my style I LOVED THAT FAN.  I still remember our first night in this house, not quite a year ago.  We turned on the fan and I stared in disbelief, sure it was going to take off and sail through the air it was whirling. so. fast.  Not even kidding.  (Now I know I said I wasn't a fan-in-the-house sort of girl, but I do need one to sleep at night!)  

Okay, so maybe I should just show it to you.  Here's the previous fan in our master bedroom:

And I  (I meaning my hubby) replaced it with this seeded glass beauty from Menards:

So it's not as powerful as it's predecessor, but it keeps me from thinking I'm hitting menopause early and even though it's a ceiling fan, I still think it's a bit of eye candy for the room!  

I actually found ceiling fans just like this online but they were so far out of our budget I wanted to cry.  I called my sister to see where she got hers and low and behold, why look any further than your local Menards?  So all of our stylin' fans came from either Lowe's or Menards at a fraction of the price from anywhere else I could find online.

So there you have my totally random post on the new ceiling fans in my house. :)

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                                    ~ Kammy

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  1. I love the ceiling fans that you chose, because I always thought fans were ugly & tacky-but so necessary!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Thanks for the product info, Kammy. I'm impatiently waiting for the local Menard's to open in neighboring Washtenaw County.

  3. I love it! I have one in every bedroom. It sure helps keep the house cooler.

  4. I repeated a fan in our house too. I love your fan with the matching wall sconces at the mantel. It really compliments the room beautifully.

  5. I love it! I bought a ceiling fan yesterday.

  6. The style you have in living room I love, but how do you get the glass off to change bulbs?


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