Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Old Window, Clock, and Rope {$1 Decor for the Sunroom}

I can hardly believe I can HANG SOMETHING on this wall!!!  This spring, my hubby told me not to get my hopes up, that the sunroom was not his top priority.  Well it was mine, you can see who's priority came out on top.  Haha. :)

I wasn't going to make this post at all about the sunroom because it is not totally done yet, but seeing the above picture, I just can't help but show you what this SAME wall looked like just a month or so  ago:

Anyways, back to my old window and clock.

I had this old window in my stash.  In our old house, It used to hang above my bed with a wreath on it (shown in a few photos down the post).   I picked it up for free somewhere.

 I found this clock last week while out mowing lawns at a garage sale for just $1 and dry brushed some black paint on it.

The clock is just hanging on a nail on the window.  Then using some jute (sisal) rope, I tied it around the frame, twisting the ends with some small pieces of wire.  I screwed a hook in the wall to hang it from, rather than the traditional nail, just to add a tad bit of interest.

 Here you can see where the window frame used to hang in my old bedroom:

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of the sunroom before it's great reveal.  Will that ever even happen?  I'm waiting on window seats, but hubby says he's on strike!  I better start watching how-to videos, eh?!!

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  1. How cute is that?! Love your bio, btw...I'm in the same fingernail-paint-boat ;)

  2. Very cute!!! I also love how you use old draws under your bed for storage!!! Great idea!!!

  3. I just came into several old windows and I love seeing how people use them!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. I love it! What a unique rustic piece you created!

  5. It looks great, Kammy! I also LOVE your bedroom. So beautiful! :) Have a great weekend.


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