Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Antique Aqua Dresser {Master Bedroom}

I just did little "search" on my own blog.   I wanted to find an old post I did about my aqua antique dresser makeover.  I was kind of shocked off my computer chair to see that the post was from way back in 2012.  I was actually kind of funny back then.  Am I getting surly and boring in my old age?  I dunno.  Hope not.  But one thing I do know is that I STILL like aqua blue.  Lots of people told me if I devalued that beautiful old antique with some crazy color of paint, I would be tired of it in a few a years and long for the wood back.  Well I hope you stuck a sock in it, cuz I still love it!

We moved one year ago, and it moved right into our new master bedroom with me.  Not only do I need it because I have a trillion and four hundred articles of clothing (that I get mostly from garage sales, thrift stores, the electrician's daughter, little girls in our church, people who feel sorry for me, etc) but our bedroom is ginormous and it needs lots of furniture.  As in so big that the kids play catch in it during the winter when it's too cold to play catch outside.  And it's big enough that I almost don't mind.  And maybe even join in...    

This is just one side of the room I'm going to show you... mostly because my hubby's dresser looks like he dumped all the contents from his pockets on top every day for the last two years.  Mine just looks like I did that for the last ten months.  

That big thing hanging on the wall by the way is one of my faves.  It was this huge gold plastic thing that I picked up at Goodwill when I was out with my mom one day and she was like wha....???
See that (also ancient) post HERE.

Wowza -   Isn't this detail just killer??


If you actually want ALL the juicy details on this paint job, I'm going to send you back to the post from 2012 - just click HERE gals and gents.

Okay, okay, so if you just can't visualize what this looked like unpainted and need a visual, here you go.  I'm ducking the hate mail getting thrown at me....... :)

Anyways, so there you have my antique aqua blue dresser in all it's glory in it's new home. :)

Thanks for tuning in!!

Take a peek at the shabby chic fireplace makeover, also in my master bedroom!
Click on the photo to take you to the post.

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  1. Love the wonderful change from dark to light. Great colour choice.

  2. Hey, even though I'm REALLY into historic preservation, I prefer your dresser in the "after" version! I actually disliked Art Deco style dressing tables until I saw one painted! So don't listen to the naysayers, who in my opinion lack style & vision. ;-)

  3. Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do. Lightened and brightened that piece and therefore the room. Love it!

  4. I confess if I had seen your prepainted blue dressed I might have thought aww but I hate when people say it hurts them or makes them ache or etc over painted furniture..really? Hunger, child abuse, war- those hurt me. Paint on wood not so much. I think it is great that we can find pleasure in small (or big )blue things. And your dresser looks great!

  5. Lol. I still think you're funny, and I agree they should stick a sock in it!

  6. Lol. I still think you're funny, and I agree they should stick a sock in it!

  7. I am so in love with your fireplace, don't hate me if I totally copy it! I say paint what you want! It's yours. I am certain you saved it from sure downfall! It is beautiful!

  8. Your whole room is fabulous. A little envious over here. I love the aqua. It brings a nice feel to the whole room. Very inspiring.

  9. Wow Kammy - what a house you've ended up with !
    Your bedroom is spectacular - that fireplace ?
    That dresser ? GORGEOUS !!!

  10. Hi Kammy, your dresser makeover is beautiful! Love what you did with the fireplace! Your entire home transformation is amazing. Great work! Mar

  11. So pretty, Kammy! Glad you're still in love with aqua -- it's a great color! Have a great week! Cynthia

  12. What a beautiful transformation! I love anything aqua...

  13. That is an amazing transformation. A very soothing but fun color.

  14. Your dresser in aqua is dreamy! Your home, your furniture, your way!
    Joanne @ Sea Glass Cottage


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