Saturday, August 22, 2015

Simple But Super Cute Frog Birthday Cake

My little Ty guy turned seven this summer.  He is all things frogs, snails, hammers and nails.
So of course it was fitting to make him a froggy cake.  This was so simple!  I just baked a cake in a round pan, and saving some of the cake batter out, made two cupcakes for the eyes.  Each cupcake is cut not quite in half and laid down on it's side.  My malted milk ball candies didn't stay put real well as pupils, so I also "carved" a little crater out to set them in.

Sorry for the bad lighting in these photos!

What I used for this froggy cake:

1 round cake
2 cupcakes
2 Whopper Malted Milk Balls
1 twizzler
a stick of Trident gum
green frosting

And since the party was frog/toad/turtle/snake/whatevermakesgirlygirlsshriek themed, he had to bring his aquarium full of toads, frogs, slugs and his little turtle to the party (party was at Aunt Teresa's house! Not sure she was real thrilled with the extra guests but she's cool like that).  It was pretty cute when there was a little crowd gathered 'round his aquarium and the little shell-backed guy decided to perch on top of Croaker for a better view!

Want the perfect birthday gift if you have a little guy like mine?  
I found this aquarium with a screen top at a garage sale for $3.  One of the best birthday presents ever!  And they are easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores.  Always look for a cheap used one before spending the money for new! :)


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