Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We kicked in the outhouse door...

We have overlooked this little outhouse the whole year we've lived here.  Probably because there were renters in the house in front of it and I felt like I was in their space.  Or other way around - they were in mine...  but whatevs, they are gone now so I feel more free to explore our property!  I LOVE EXPLORING! 

When I was a kid, my best friend Mindy and I would go to old abandoned farm houses and snoop... I'm a pretty easy going mom and encourage outdoor play but what was my mom thinking?  Pretty sure my kids won't be doing that anytime soon.  We'd be a mile up a country road, ten years old and in old creepy houses, looking through peoples old forgotten belongings and imagining blood on the floor....

But back to  the outhouse from Trail Acres, or the Miner Estate, or The Lefere Mansion, or whatever you might know our place by (I wonder if our name will ever get attached to it?).

So late in the summer, I got the tractor out and started mowing some of the waist high grass around these buildings.  I tried and tried to get that door open, but it WOULD. NOT. BUDGE.

Finally last night was the night.  My mom is visiting and she likes to explore, too.  We decided to kick in the door.  She kicked.  I kicked. I kicked up high, I kicked up low.  We synchronized our kicking and about wet our pants laughing.  But still the door would not open.  We called in the big guns.  Hubby managed to swing that baby open in his second attempt.  And OH THE EXCITEMENT!  What met our curious eyes??

A cute little outhouse.... with WALLPAPER on the walls (well, some was still on the walls!)  There was a broom and a shovel - I guess they wanted to keep it clean and shovel a path to it when the snow hit.
And that metal frame you see?

Sa-WEET!  I'm totally going to do something awesome with that.  Someday.

So then I got brave and uncovered the potty, and surprise surprise:

There were THREE HOLES!  Family outing to the toilet!  The one on the left is small for a child (wouldn't want to lose Henry down the poop hole) and the other two I guess are for Mommy and Daddy.  Pretty sure your thighs would be smack up against each other - maybe that would be good in the winter.  Body heat is the best heat.  Oh my wow.

A close up of the wallpaper.  
Any one have a guess as to the year that paper is from?

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  1. You are truly more brave than I. Or maybe weirder! BTW, there was a 3 seater outhouse on my aunt's farm. They had 6 kids, so that somewhat made sense. ;-)

  2. What a cool find! Kind of gross, but definitely cool :)


    The Southern Stylista

  3. Three seats! Maybe for large families sending children in groups? Older ones to care for the youngest? You make the exploring so much fun! I love the wheeled base you found! Ir's an awesome treasure. :)

    Exploring your new grounds is intriguing. You make me feel like I'm there. Can we go over to the windmill? I want to see more of that too (wink!)

  4. Love it! Remember those old outhouse from way back in the WVa countryside when we visited relatives when I was a child. I had wallpaper like that which I put in a powder room in 1977. Just took it down in 2012!

  5. Who knew an outhouse could be so interesting? lol Some fun finds in there!

  6. Great story! How fun to have property to go exploring on! Great finds too!

  7. This was such a funny story! I'm pretty sure my cottage had the same kind of outdoor toilet before, but the building disappeared sometime in the history of the cottage. Given the size of the cottage, I bet mine had only one hole, though, yours is just better!

  8. That is so cool! You should totally save some of that wall paper and do something neat with it. It looks really interesting...I'm trying to read it from here!


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