Friday, December 4, 2015

Fern Stand Flip

I've been off the radar.  
But for good reason.
I had a few hundred people go through my house for a craft show the last two days.  WOW.  That's over and done for another year, but like always, I HAD A BLAST meeting new people, blog readers, neighbors and old friends.  A few other wonderful ladies joined me with their magnificent creations and other goodies for sale and we ate cookies, laughed and teased the men that came to our geared-toward-ladies event. :)

I'm sharing a quick and easy furniture flip today and then I'm going to crash and get some sleepy.

I picked up this fern stand at a garage sale in the summer for a couple of bucks.  It had a super shiny finish... but nothing a little plaster of paris  in the paint can't fix!

I never measure, and just dump the Plaster of Paris in some hot water, stir, and add paint.  Well folks, I guess it's possible to add too much.  It got SO ROCK HARD that my paint started turning into a solid as faster than I could dip my brush in...  I was able to get one quick coat on and then the chalk paint I mixed up turned into an unstirrable rock.  So that was my "primer".  But guess what?  It sticks to that shiny surface like none other!  Since it dries like a rock in the dish, it also dried like a rock onto the wood! I used the paint just as it came out of them can (no Kammy concoctions this time) for the final coat and I love the result.  I used a narrow chevron stencil for the top in a taupe color, and then sanded all the edges. Mind you, sanding was not easy since it was rock hard paint.  I've been using modge podge lately for a clear coat.  OH MY, why haven't I thought of that before.  It doesn't yellow, it dries it minutes, and yeah.  It's the bomb, yo.

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