Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Signs For The Crazy Chicken Lady In Your Life

Backyard chickens.  
It's the hip thing to do right now!

Well here where I live, people don't do it because they're hip, it's just the way of life.

But even yuppies like my brother, Dr. Brandon Hayes PHD,  who lives on one of the busiest streets in Madison has girls clucking in his backyard!  His stories of them escaping and marching down the sidewalk are always entertaining.

My city-slicker friend Sarah is from an upscale suburb in Detroit and has turned into a crazy chicken lady living in the country a few miles from me.  Her hens roost in the tree at night and we laugh over her hilarious chicken stories in the middle of the grocery store, making people stare. (Or they could just be staring because she is one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet!)  She regularly consults chicken pages on Facebook and receives answers (and lots of them!) instantly from all those passionate about their girls.

Sarah with one of her "girls"

All that to say, most of us know at LEAST one person we could call "a crazy chicken lady"!

So you're probably asking, does Kammy have chickens?

Well I have only three at the moment.  As a kid, my dad ordered about two hundred baby chicks every summer and it was our job (my brother, sister, and I) to raise them up to get fat and ready for the table, but we never had layers.  Our three present girls are more my little boy's than mine, as he is head-over-heels in love with critters and wants to be a zoo keeper some day.

This week, I've been a having a creative blast making these
chicken signs with the new chicken stencil my mom gave me for Christmas!

Three days ago, I got the following message from his second grade teacher on my Facebook wall:

"Some of your eggs were kept safely on my desk instead of going out for recess in a winter coat pocket.  We had a good laugh together before he ran outside to play".

Oops, guess he forgot to bring them in before getting on the bus!!

Funny memories like that makes this sign so true:

I made this sign with floor board trim I found in the barn- white chippy paint and everything. 
This sign is dedicated to some of the "crazy chicken ladies" I know: Sarah, Resha, Esther, Becky, Tina....

and perhaps this one - I'm pretty sure Obsessive Chicken Disorder (OCD) is totally a thing:

and then just a little cute sign made from corncrib slats (because chickens are a blessing):

And  how could I end this post without a shot of my sweet feathered friends (yes you see four when I said earlier I only had three... sniff sniff)?

Click HERE to see the post I wrote on my little boy and his hens!
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  1. I do know a few people with pet chickens, but I had no idea it was the "in" thing, hahaha. Can't decide which sign I like the best. I'll just take them all. I'm sure your crazy chicken lady friend will LOVE these. Too Fun!!

  2. These signs are adorable, I raise chickens not for pets cause we live on a farm. I also raise quail so I might have to think about quail signs. These are too fun!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  3. Another Crazy Chicken Lady named Sarah! I love it. Chickens are the best pet ever. I love all ten of my ladies and blog about them at Fowlmouthchick.blogspot

  4. My husband and daddy (and dad-in-law!) are all poultry farmers so these signs are so fitting for me! Absolutely love them all :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  5. I visited your etsy shop and none are available. 😩

    1. I just added some! :) Check them out.


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