Monday, January 25, 2016

Upcyling Plaque Into Nursery Decor

So I started with four of these (they were actually a weird brown faux wood before I let my kids paint them all blue because they wanted to paint something):

I kept two of them blue and made them into "missing sock boards".  That left two more that I needed to create something with.  I had bought some Styrofoam owls for a few quarters at a garage sale and spray painted them white.
I still have a couple I didn't paint white - they're pretty cute, don't ya think?

I thought if I was painting this with the goal of landing in someone's nursery, I should do a more neutral color and repainted it gray.  Sorry kids.  Then using letter stencils, white paint, and a brush, covered it in the ABC's.

Lastly I glued on my white owl with Gorilla Glue. 

"Owl" always love cute owl decor. :)
Although now I'm wishing I had used the owl with the big eyes...

Now I have more of those wood plaque things left to do something with.... any ideas?

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