Wednesday, February 10, 2016

{Free} Chairs for the Library On The Landing

You know what makes me excited?
Getting a call like this:

"Hi Kammy, I have a pile of stuff in my garage that I want to get rid of but thought I'd let you have a look through it first if you're interested".

Heck, yeah!

When I got there, there were a few things that I fell in love with and put in my van.
Then as I was about to turn and go, this sweet lady informs me she also had some old chairs in the basement, but she was kind of embarrassed to even show them to me because her kids had informed her "Nobody is going to want those old chairs!"  Well of course I wanted to take a look all the more!

And here they are!

I had  had two missmatched chairs there, and it just wasn't jivin' for me.  
For one, the chair I sat in was one of those marshmallow chairs - comfy but awful ugly!
And I love my other little cane back chair, but it looked totally dwarfed and unsymmetrical. 
Here's a look at those:

I had been popping in and out of every thrift store in town, hoping to find two matching chairs for the space and just wasn't satisfied with anything I found.  My budget is also about $25 per chair max.  Yeah, wasn't happening.  

Until Sweet Shirley came along and saved the day! :)

This is the chair I curl up in every single morning and drink my coffee after I get five little chillin's on the school bus.
Don't get in the way of my routine or you'll get moldy cheese on your sandwich.
I need this time.

Yes, those are mostly the kid's books.  So really it's their library.  My big girl boks are on on some really cool shelves that we dig out of the barn and hung on the wall at the other end of the landing.  You can see those HERE.

One other thing I love about these chairs.  They're petite!  I am kind of kid-sized at 4'10" so it's hard to find a chair that doesn't swallow me up. ;)

The view from the huge window behind me is simply fabulous.  
Seriously folks, sometimes I need to pinch myself.  Other times I wish a million dollars would just fall out of the sky so I could pay someone to fix it all up and take care of it!

When I first saw the chairs, my thought was "Oh! These would be perfect for me to try my hand at upholstery painting.  I've been wanting to do that for several years now!"  But when I got them into their little perches at the top of my stairs...  I fell in love with them just the way they were!

The footstool was also from Shirley, and I recovered it with a feedsack from the Parma Mill.
Yes, the pillows are also made from grain sacks I got from Calvin at the Parma Mill. :)
You can see that post and the great photos of the Parma Mill HERE.

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  1. I love a good wingback chair. Kids are weird sometimes, and holy smokes those are some awesome friends.


  2. Great finds!!! They look perfect!!! Good for you!!!

  3. Very cool! I would love to have a designated area to call a library. Your landing looks perfect with the furnishings.


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