Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Industrial & Rustic Bible Verse Decor

Although the "industrial touch" is the last thing to be added, I'm gonna work this one backwards and give it to you first.

You see, to a repurposer (when will spellcheck EVER recognize that as a word?!)  everything is fair game.  So when I tore out this creepy closet in one of our rental houses, I tossed that piece of metal holding those boards dangling like you see in the picture into the dumpster, then promptly changed my mind and pulled it back out just "cuz ya never know....".

After I finished decoupaging my prints on to old salvaged pieces of wood, I didn't think they looked finished.  Which is when I knew I had not saved that strip of holey metal for nothing.  Whoever knows the correct term for that is laughing at me right now, I'm sure.

Tin snips did the job.  All though, having bigger hands would probably have made this part go a little faster! 

Then I used thumb tacks to hold them in place.  These are best put in place by holding them with a needle nose pliers and then pounding them in with a hammer.  Don't worry, a few heads might bust off, so have some extra handy.  Maybe if you don't buy them bulk from dollar store, they'd be better quality?

Up close and personal....  

I have my friend, Marie Smith, to thank for the lovely prints.  She is the print QUEEN.  Always making new designs and printing them off for us.  Now the trick to using Modge Podge on something you've printed - it better be printed on a laser printer for crying in the bucket or IT WILL SMEAR EVERYWHERE.  I learned that the hard way, since I have an ink jet.  Yeah, my poor little girl's face was turned into a monster the day I tried to decoupage her onto some wood.  :(

She really did give me a few other verse options, but I happened to use all of the Ephesians 2:8 designs she gave me.
Such true words!!  
"For by GRACE are ye saved through faith, and that NOT of yourselves, it is the gift of God.

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