Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Repurposed Headboard {Winging Projects!}

Yes, I got real lucky when we bought this place.  
This place that I get so sidetracked at!  I'd go to the pole barn to get something and end up wandering through a different building where I'd come across a gorgeous old table propped upped in a dark cobweb-filled corner. Or a stack of crates in the upstairs of the "apple storage shed".  
Or this old headboard...... leaning on the wall of the same building's downstairs behind piles of books!

My original idea was to just paint it, distress it, and put the words "Flower Garden" across it to use outside in the chicken coop.  Just kidding, in the flower beds, silly.  But then...I don't really have any flower gardens - yet!  Well wait.  Not a problem either.  Because I'm doing this to sell at a barn sale!  BUT.... that idea just seemed too boring and it was so big.... and my jig saw was laying there screaming my name.......

So I quieted the jig saw down and picked it up and hacked off the sides.  OOPS.  I didn't expect it to all fall apart on me!  Yeah, those sides were holding the whole shabang together.  Never fear...

I will go back upstairs in the "apple storage shed" because I know there was a pile of fancy trims and mouldings.  Aha!  Yes.  Here's what I need......

I cut two pieces and using my hubbie's new awesome AirStrike nail gun which I don't know how I've managed to live without this long - put it quickly in place.  I did add some Gorilla glue behind it just for some extra hold-it-together.

I propped it up against the house with all the other projects I had done that day and snapped a photo but when I looked at the pic it screamed "I NEED AN EMBELLISHMENT!  I LOOK LIKE THE UGLY STEPSISTER!"  My mom even called and said "Kammy dear, that thing there with the pictures?  Ya know, that big white thing with the rope?  Well, it needs something!  Maybe some cool metal something or other to go at the top..."  I know, I know, Mom!  I'm getting there!

Then I remembered this wood piece I picked up somewhere.  I have had it forever.  I wanted just the right thing to use it for.  I have been SAVING IT.  Sometimes you get something and you just don't want to part with it.  This was one of those things... but I knew the time had come. 

I slathered on some more creamy white chalk paint and using the little nail holes that already conveniently existed, secured it on with little nails.  Then I used sand paper to take off some of the paint that I had just put on.  Man, us distressers are weird people.

So you can now use this repurposed headboard to hang photos, fun pennant banners, dead fish, whatever you want!

So there you have it.  I pretty much wing every project!
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  1. This is SO cute, I wish you lived in Alabama so I could buy all of these cute things!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Love it! I have a small headboard that I need to do something with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I forget when I see headboards that they don't have to be turned into a bench. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. You were busy!! Great little piece! I love the added embellishment...perfect.


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