Friday, April 8, 2016

Dresser Drawer Chalkboard Shelf

This is a rather sad story.  One I'd rather not blog about because it makes me wanna "boo hoo" real loud and you'll probably go "boo hoo" too when you see this awesome free buffet I got off of Craigslist several years ago:

Oh cry!  Yes, it was a beauty.  My mom and I even lugged it up some dude's basement stairs and into my truck.  Then for some reason I needed to get it out because I needed my truck for my lawn mowing business and I put it in the corn crib for what was supposed to be a temporary time period until hubby could help me move it to the barn. He just LOVES to help me move my "junk".  Right.  Welllll....  temporary turned into all winter long and we had a lot of wind and snow that year that managed to blow clear in to where it sat and totally MESSED up the bottom back half.  You can't really see the damage from this photo, but it was pretty bad.  Since my hubby didn't want to move it when we relocated to our new home I decided to salvage the drawers while the rest of it went - sniff - on - sniff - the - SNIFF - burn pile!!!  Noooo!!

I've used a few other drawers to make chalkboards out of and since these were nice and deep they would also make a great wall shelf!  I posted last week about how to make your own chalk board paint HERE:

I painted the outside with some leftover paint from my daughter's aqua blue room and another one (not pictured) with gray.

Rather than put the handles back on, I decided to thread some jute twine rope through the holes to hang it.  It worked perfect!  I tied it in a knot at the top and it hangs from a solid nail flat against the wall.  Yeah!

Here's another angle of how the twine is looped through the holes:

Gotta love a rusty bed/chair spring. :)

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  1. Too bad about the buffet! I would want to cry too. Love what you did with drawers. Especially what you have written in them! Thank you!

  2. Love how you used the drawers what a great salvage. Think it looks awesome.


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