Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Root Cellar Landscaping: A Dramatic Before & After!

Many of you may have seen the post on "Uncovering The Root Cellar" which we did not long after we bought this crazy foreclosed house back in 2014.  (click HERE to peek inside and get an explanation of what a root cellar is). Here's what it looked like (if you can find it under that heap of vines, trees, and weeds - yes that big green pile smack in the middle of the photo!):

My mother was determined to uncover it!  Look at her work away!

And here's what it looked like after it was uncovered, and how it's remained until last month when Mom came back for another visit!

I guess I should back up to last fall when I decided the tree trunks HAD TO GO.  Dad helped me hook a chain around them and I did my favorite job of driving backwards like Jehu on the John Deere and ripping them out.

Mom and Dad being cray-cray

Mom did a little digging and we found old bricks that had been grown over.

We dug up all the sod and weeds, moved some boulders around, and drank lots of water.  After getting a great stash of perennials from a friend, mom and I planted them and laid black plastic:

This mother of mine doesn't have the best of backs.  I mow lawns during the summer and needed to leave to mow for the afternoon.  My parting words as I drove off in my truck were "Don't work at this all day!!  Find something relaxing and take it easy.  Don't want you to hurt your back!".  Did she listen?  I'll let you guess....

When I came back it was nearly finished!  The stone path was her idea, with smaller rocks around it and mulch on the sides.  I love the combo!!

I'm still thinking maybe my door needs a wreath. :)  If you look close, you can see lots of little holes where the boys thought it was a good idea to hang a paper BB gun target.  Oops.

The "stepping stones" were actually uncovered in another area of landscaping that had completely grown over.  I would love to know how this once looked!  We found buried bricks and black plastic a few inches under the dirt so I'm sure it was once very beautiful!

The headless statue was also found along an overgrown fence by the driveway.
We gave him a rock head. ;)

So glad I transplanted some of the peonies in front of the root cellar last fall!  They aren't loaded with flowers yet, but are doing great in their new location!

And now how about a side by side look at this dramatic before and after??

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  1. Amazing transformation! Your landscaping is beautiful! And I love the rock head on the statue! Hee hee!

  2. I love every little peek at your house & property that you give us! We don't live too far away from you & any time we get to drive past your home, we always have to pull over & take a good look at it ;) You have done a lovely job breathing life into the Lefere Mansion!

  3. Wow! You have such an amazing property and an amazing family to help you put it all together! What a great place! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your farm/ mansion is amazing. Who else has a root cellar sitting in their backyard just waiting to be transformed? I have rocks.

  5. That's absolutely amazing! Your Mom sounds so much like mine was---we never could slow her down, but she loved cleaning & making things look pretty!

  6. Oh, what an awesome property with so many hidden treasures and so much history!!
    And that headless statue with his new head just made me laugh out loud!

  7. I linked over to your site from Thrifty Decor Chick and loved the pictures of the before and after. The headless statue caught my eye. I think it might be a statue of St. Jude, one of the twelve apostles who is considered the patron saint of lost causes (among other things). Looking at the root cellar before photos, I think it is fitting that he stands next to the finished product. Also fitting is that he is headless, since traditionally he was beheaded. You have a beautiful piece of property. God is good.


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