Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Tenant House Bathroom Before & After Photos

Today, I bring to you.... another post on the Tenant House!
If you're going "Tenant House?  What??"  Then maybe you need to back up and read about that in the Tenant House Mudroom Makeover HERE because I don't feel like explaining it all again.  If you don't want the whole story, it's one of the other houses on our property that we now rent out to some wonderful people!

Let's see some BEFORES, shall we?
Here is the state it was after we closed on the short sale:

And another....  eeeeek

Oh what's that?  You want to see that toilet up close and personal?
You got your wish.

Hey, I know life gets busy.  But really.  You gotta take time to clean the toilet now and then!

Mom and I scrubbed down the vanity but we weren't going to TOUCH that toilet.
Now this is where my hubby and I butted heads.  He was sure it could be cleaned up. (GAG). I insisted I would NEVER EVER make another human being sit on that dreaded toilet.
It became a joke.  When we got any extra money, Mom always said it should be put in the "new toilet fund."

And then there was the bathtub:

I'd say it's safe to say they used the upstairs shower??  Cuz just like it's a good idea to clean your toilet now and then... it's also a good thing to clean the bathtub.

Now you can see in the next pic where the bathtub was....  with the help of a sledge hammer, Dad and Hubby got it out:

And in the process...... my Dad "accidentally" smashed the toilet!  HAHA!  
Guess that solved our dilemma in a hurry!  Out went the toilet!

Does he look like it was an accident???

Yeah, probably a real good idea to get some new flooring put in while we're at it...  

This corner: such a perfect waste of space and such a perfect place for a shower! 
Figure it out, Honey!

Oh wait, I must zoom in on the top of that....  yeah -duct taped up to the ceiling.  Pretty classy!
Stay tuned further down this post to see the nice fix for that.

Oh what?  Retired friends looking for something to do?
Enter Linn and his buddy on the scene!!  New floor?  Bam.  New shower installation?  Bam.  New drywall?  Bam.  What's not to love about these guys?

Tearing in to lathe and plaster... always a neat and tidy job!

So because I took these pictures prior to anyone moving in, I do not have a pretty shower curtain or any of the extras - just the end result of our labors.  Wish I could have staged it a little!  But here's the new corner shower, toilet, floor......


And no more duct tape!  Put some molding around the top - just the thing to secure it and now the "walls" around the pipe don't wobble all over the place like they did previously.

Painted the old cabinet and a mirror to match, and spray painted the sconce lights with a hammered bronze.  New faucet, too!

The flooring is just a big sheet of vinyl that has the rustic wood look I love - we were nervous to try that but read lots of positive reviews so decided to give it a go.  I'm a little anxious to see how it holds up!

Now here are some side by side before and afters:

Toodle LOO!!

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  1. Wow! What a transformation! And ew...the before toilet, beyond gross. Good call to put in a new one. Your future tenant's tushes thank you! Jane

  2. Incredible job!! Seriously, I would love to be your tenant <3

  3. Ha ha! So glad the toilet "accidentally" got broken! :) It looks amazing!!


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