Monday, November 21, 2016

Gidley Station Renovations In Progress

Our latest project: Gidley Station - Built to be a railway station, but used as a general store, and then moved on to our property in the 1920's to be a tenant house.  It's like a cat with all it's lives.  What's next?  Kammy's Korner Store?  Mmmmm.... I like that....

This is the view of it from our bedroom window.... hurry and GROW, arborvitaes!!! (This pic is 2 years old, so they are a little bigger now)

And here's how it fits into the layout of our property:
(Old photo, The Tenant House was last years project and is now occupied)

Here are a few peeks into the house. 
I'm going to give you some befores and "durings" since nothing is quite "done" yet!
But what you are about to see (And lots that you don't see!) all happened in a matter of six work days - thanks in huge part to my parents who came from Iowa for a visit!  We can accomplish a LOT when we are together!!  

Go, Tim!  He's becoming a master floor layer.  Best stuff ever, the interlocking VINYL - not laminate - and I just got done asking the Lowe's dudes WHY they don't sell this amazing product... 

Looking down from the bedroom "before" and "now" - after paint, getting rid of the peninsula and balusters, and new floor:

See that doorway up there in the top right  corner?  Yes, this is a UNIQUE house!  I was standing up there to take the last two photos. 

Paint. It. ALL.

What good is an attached garage if there is no house access??  First things first. So yes, this was the first project. The men cut into the wall to make a doorway into the house from the garage.

Voila!  A door!  And stairs.  Nice job on cutting the stringers, Tim!


And from the inside... we have a door!  Always more complicated than you think it's going to be.... hello wires and everything else!

 Amazingly enough, the board didn't break in half.  NO... I'm not calling my mom hefty!  She's just really accident prone!  Oh man, I would have laughed hysterically and gotten in big trouble....  Poor mom.

 Upstairs bedroom: Bye, bye, orange carpet and dingy walls!

Boys pulling yucky carpet off the basement stairs.  Thanks, boys!  I wasn't going near that  stinky old stuff.  And surprise, two layers of carpet!  Rat fink.

More to come......  This project isn't finished yet! :)


  1. Hello to you from India! It is so wonderful to be able to follow the progress of this from afar (very "afar" :) ) Your Mom is amazing, but you already know that! What a blessing for you all to be able to transform this together!

  2. I get giddy every time you post a new updating adventure! :) Not only do I love the projects themselves, but I love how you incorporate the history of your property into your posts.

  3. You have the coolest property. Love the old buildings and how you are redoing them. They look so light and spacious when you are done.

  4. You have the coolest property. Love the old buildings and how you are redoing them. They look so light and spacious when you are done.

  5. You and your family are AMAZING! Love the unique family bonding experience of restoring an old property. And props to your mom for her daredevil bravery in painting over the stairwell!


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