Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top Ten Project Posts from 2016 on Kammy's Korner

And that's a wrap on the year 2016!

No, we're not flying around in hover crafts like I thought we would be by now BUT Ryobi makes a fabulous cordless nail gun and that's even more awesome!

So what a year it's been!  I have slowed down on the blogging, which means trying to narrow it down to my top posts this year was much easier.  Normally I'm working with a couple hundred.  But there was still plenty that got done - and perhaps that's why I didn't blog as much.  Who's got time to do it all? :)  I'm sure not wonder woman.  I know, I know, sorry to disappoint!

So in no particular order, here are the top ten projects on Kammy's Korner for the year 2016.
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Cleaning up and landscaping the ROOT CELLAR:

We cut open a doorway into the newly renovated sunroom - complete with a sliding barn door that was actually on an old barn!

Since we were in "cutting into walls" mode, we also cut a "window" between the kitchen and eating area.

While we're in the sunroom area, the barn door from a forsaken Iowa farm was a hit:

Perhaps one of my faves of the year was restoring the gate house
 at the end of our driveway to it's original.  

We installed electric in-floor heating in the otherwise heatless sunroom
 to keep from seeing our breath in January:

Since we had so much fun ripping aluminum siding off the gate house,
we took our chances and did it to the garden shed also.  Love discovering where old windows once were and bringing the history back!  Plus, I don't have to be as scared of the big hairy spiders that might attack me in the dark when that door swings shut!

Last year when I was home in Iowa, I was lucky enough to inherit the Hayes "cob box" that my Dad's family kept corn cobs in to keep the fire going in the stove.  It got repurposed into a book case for our library on the landing.

As if there aren't enough projects to work on in our old house, the tenants moved out of the rental next door and we are working on those renovations now!  My favorite project so far is the stenciled wood floors in the guest room!

And last and maybe even least (hey I gotta throw in a furniture makeover)
is this peice of crap dresser I picked up on the curb for free and worked a little magic on - even after it had a big ole bad spot on the wood that was unfixable! :)

And now..... I'm off to make 2017 a great year!!!
If you have a great project from 2016, please brag to me about it in the comments!! :)

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  1. I live vicariously through you. How I would love to bring an old Place back to life. Alas, that is not my future, so I'll just watch and enjoy your blog. Your talents are amazing! And your mom. . Wow! Oh to have her energy! She is a blessed woman. Looking forward to 2017 with you.

  2. I have an 8 year old house, but want to pull up the carpet in a bedroom to paint and stencil the floor! I love that look so much! Thanks for the inspiration. Now, to convince the hubby......:)

    1. Well in our old house I was a super BAD wife, and when hubby was on an over night business trip my mom and ripped up the carpet in our little girl's room and painted/stenciled the floor. We got it done an hour before he got home and boy was he shocked... I had to plead for forgiveness for awhile, but he grew to like it. :) I wouldn't suggest doing that though! Haha


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