Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Victrola Cabinet Repurposed {Blue Harlequin}

There's a story about this Victrola cabinet.... but it's kind of awkward.  So I'll just keep it between Becky, Marie, and I.  Because well, I'm not really sure I was supposed to have it in the first place.  But since I have it, I'm gonna make it beautiful!  Want to see what it looked like when I got it?

So cool!  No record player or any insides anymore - which is a little sad since our family (mostly my kids) still listens to the old vinyls.  When I say we're kind of old school at our house, I ain't a kiddin'!

So I'm not sure if it's because I'm a blogger?  Or?  But I got a surprise package in the mail one day. It actually got sent to my old address so the new owners brought it to me and there was no note or anything in the box - just this can of Resor-A-Finish stain.  I've never even heard of it before!  Well, might as well try it!  Got nothing to lose!  And well, I gotta say I was impressed.  I really loved how it seemed to work magic on this old worn out wood top!  They are not paying me to say this, and probably have no idea I ever received their product, but at any rate I guess I would recommend it!  I just put some on a rag and rubbed it over the wood.  It dried quick and really brought out the beauty of the wood grain.

I used a blue home made chalk paint (a mistint that I used for my piano which seems to be from the bottomless can of paint.  I just never seem to run out!) for the bottom and insides of the cabinet.

However, after the paint dried, the bubbled and warped veneer on two of the cabinet doors really seemed to be highlighted and they bugged me like none other so I decided the veneer needed to come off on the two offenders.  All the kids thought it looked like fun and took a turn with the screwdriver and hammer, peeling off veneer.

There's so much good and bad with letting the kids help.  The good: obviously the little whipper snappers should learn skills!  Hands on is always the best.  And it sneaks quality time in with your munchkins.  When they're part of what you're doing, they gain confidence and feel important!  The bad.  Well shoot.  They're kids.  They don't always realize that you can't angle the screwdriver too much or you'll gouge the wood.  Well hey, gouges are like way better than warp.  Like any day.  Right?  Right.  That's what I'm telling them anyway.

Ugh.  Then comes the part where you wish you'd just left that darn warpy bubbled veneer layer alone.  Cuz that glue... IS. A. NIGHTMARE.  The hot iron over a wet rag usually does the trick for me.  And it did on this too... but there it took five hundred times the effort of previous furniture pieces I've used it on.  Perseverance.  Ain't got much of that.

To add some pizzazz (and maybe help camo those "kid gouges") I decided to put a subtle harlequin pattern on the doors.  I just wanted a slightly darker shade of the same blue so I put some of the blue paint in a cup and squirted black crafter's acrylic paint into it until I got a shade I was satisfied with.  I didn't need much - probably didn't even use half of what I mixed up.

This is one of those stencils that I'm so glad I picked up on a whim in Hobby Lobby one day!

The story of the wood knobs on the cabinet doors make me smile.  
The next door neighbor was hauling a little broken dresser to the burn pile when I spotted him.  "STAN!  STOP!  What you got to burn there?"
"Trust me, nothing you want.  Just a broken dresser."
"Oh but Stan, I think I might want those drawers.  Can I have those drawers?  I know, I know, you think I'm a hoarder...."
"Yes, Kammy, you're a hoarder.  Take the drawers."

So the bottom is an awesome storage area or great for a book case.  Since the top is curved and you can't put anything on it, I thought it would look awesome with the lid propped open and a plant on the shelf.  The shelf just happens to be a piece of barn wood I found that was the right size to rest on the ledges on each side.

I also modge podged some pretty vintage-looking blue flowered paper on the inside middle shelf.

If you like it, do this blog a huge favor and pin it! :)

Still undecided if I want to try to find a spot for this in my house or sell it in my booth at the Parma Antique Mall.  Need to think on it some more!


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  1. Absolutely stunning!!! (and I don't like blue stuff, lol). WOW, what a great job!!


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