Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hallway Storage When There's No Closet

Howdy folks!  I'm getting smarter with organizing in my old age.  At least I like to think so.
All my sheets/curtains/extrastuffthatididntknowwheretoput got stuffed into the drawers of this big dresser in my hallway.  There is no hall closet and the dresser seemed to work great. 

But it was such a behemoth.  And took lots of floor space.  And collected record-breaking monster dust bunnies in the dark space underneath. Record-breaking, People.

So after I hauled it away from the wall to paint said wall, I decided it just couldn't go back.  
I found a chippy old board (see photo after next to see HOW COOL IT IS THAT IT CAME FROM OFF THIS HOUSE!  Yes, I'm trying to repurpose and preserve EVERYTHING from this estate).  And then I also found a little shelf I had stashed that had silver hooks on it because heaven forbid I should have to run to the store to buy something new.  Heck no, I will just take the hooks off the shelf I found for a quarter at a garage sale, thank you very much!

Yeah, so as mentioned above, this is where the chippy board originated.  Get your magnifying glasses out and see those chippy white painted boards from decades ago.... that got tore off (oh sadness) when we resided the house and did other such updates.

Okay.  So now we've got the board screwed onto the wall, and the hooks screwed in it.... now how about those bags?  I thought I could find something I liked online for cheap, but nada.  Not for the prices and the sizes I was looking for.  Even China let me down.

So I resorted to my stash of fabric.... which usually isn't traditional fabric....
And in this case it was this gigantuous L Shaped Sofa cover that I bought once on clearance at Ikea.  I used it first to recover my dining chairs and do a graphic transfer on (see those HERE).  I had plenty left to sew my four new tote bags with.

Now I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination.  But rustic is the name of the game here, so who really cares if they don't look perfect?  Just so they hold!  And baby, I back stitched and forward stitched and back stitched till the cows came home.  

Then I sewed a matching ribbon (also dug something up that I had on hand and had JUST enough!!  Phew!) inside each side - which I also back stitched the snot out of - and tied them in a bow and hung them up.  I love having them so I can untie them because it's easier to open the bag wide up to dig stuff out of or put things away.  

I guess I should mention that I used a black paint marker to scroll the words "Queen", "Queen", and "Twin" on.  The fourth one does not say "Double".  It actually says nothing because I decided - for now - to put pillow cases in it.  Why I have a zillion pillow cases, I do not know.  Maybe it's because I have a zillion pillows.  And I do have a double bed, but it's in my guest room and so I just keep the extra double sheets in the dresser next to it.  Not that you really care... but thought I should explain myself?  No?  Sorry if I wasted your time.  It was just five seconds, depending on how fast you read.:)

Want to see the whole hallway makeover from green carpet and wall paper to present condition?  Click HERE or on this "BEFORE" photo!

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  1. First, I love this blog <3! It is fascinating to watch y'all restore this house- seriously. Second, so sorry about the tree falling :-( That is just the worst, no way around it. And lastly, can I ask about the mirrored wall in this hallway? Do you plan to keep it as is? Totally being nosy, but thought I'd ask. :-)


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