Monday, August 7, 2017

He needed cigarette money, so I got amazing chairs!

I've never had nice dining chairs.  Partly because I let Tim buy a brand new dining room table *GASP* and it was so expensive we couldn't afford chairs to go with it... but that's a whole 'nother story.  So I had these six cheap black chairs from Goodwill that I had recovered with vinyl table cloths which is amazing when you have messy little kidlets.  Easy to wipe up!  But three of those had been moved to Gidley Station, our Airbnb, and the other three just looked cheap in our sunroom.  
So one day I'm in the Parma Antique Mall, sprucing up my booth when I hear the bell clank on the opening door and a total country hick voice.....

Man With Hick Voice: Howdy, I got me some old chairs here, ye intersted?  Got six of 'em.  Just lookin' to git some cigarette money, really.
Darin The Store Owner: Nope, sorry.  Not interested.  Just not a chair guy.
At this point, my curiosity is totally piqued and poke my head out.

Me: He ain't a chair guy, but I am!  Whatchoo got??

Oh, jackpot.  
And the wood is in great shape!  No need to do anything but recover the seat cushions!!
He even loaded them all up into my van, and had already unscrewed all the cushions.
Oh that brown plaid....  so wrong. :)

I found some gray and white chevron on the clearance rack in Hobby Lobby and actually bought some fabric.  I know, I know, I just couldn't find enough fabric in my stash that I liked and would cover all six chairs.

But back up, cuz I gotta share my adorably cute help!  Sometimes the hardest part is getting the old upholstery off - and this was no exception!  It was held on tight with some crazy tough staples.

Notice none of these are my own kids.  The fun of this wore off with them a long time ago. 
But these boys - Jett with the huge grin, Knox, and Nick -worked away at a cushion, persevering until all the nails/staples were out.  That left three for me to do. :)

To get Nick to finish, I had to promise I'd pay him but I only  had two dollars in quarters.  I'm not sure he thought it was worth it.  But mean Tobin's mom doesn't let kids on electronics while at her house..... I'm definitely the mean mom.  Who also lets them eat brownies for supper.  And now that Laurie knows I didn't pay her cuties, I should probably scrounge up a couple bucks for them too.  Haha.

Anyways, all you trend watchers, I know chevron is so three years ago.  But this was kind of "dainty chevron" and had that thin stripe going perpendicular to the zig zags that almost give it a herringbone appearance.  I wanted something that wouldn't fight the big geometrical pattern on the rug and the price was right.  I'm so defending my fabric choice right now and I feel like an idiot.  Haha.  Chevron or not, I love how they turned out!

Seriously.  How can you not love a lyre back??

 I'm digging the new sunroom arrangement!  I used to use the window seats as part of the table seating, but I'm liking this look better.  Plus, it's more comfortable!  NOT quite the lazy boy chairs my dad thinks we should be able to eat sitting in, but better than the hard plank window seats!

And just for fun, shall we see what this SAME corner of the room looked like a couple of years ago?

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  1. Love the chairs! Don't worry about the chevron. I was using it before it was popular and will continue to use it!

  2. There is just one word for this "SCORE"!

  3. Beautiful chairs! The benefits of being in the right place at the right time!

  4. I would like to check out my chair store chairthrone because one thing that we all must know why we would purchase the most comfortable chairs is to save our backbone, is to remain healthy in life, think why, I think I had given the reason.


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