Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Eagle Dresser With DIY Rope Handles and Barnwood Top

Hi, Hi!  I came across this dresser at a yard sale just down the road from me.  I didn't even have a dime of cash on me, and about one minute to spare, so I put my name on a few things, and ran down the driveway shouting over my shoulder that "I'd be back!!!!".  It was just a few dollars, very sturdy, and had great bones.

The problem was, it had been painted with this super thick enamel and had lots of runs that had dried as hard as a rock and I couldn't scrape it off or anything.  So I decided to just paint over the drips, even though it now looks like my drippage - heaven forbid (yeah right) - and cover up the top with reclaimed wood since I started to scrape it gave up on that real fast!

I had saved lots of the boards from the old corn crib we tore down last year and they have come in handy!  I didn't realize until after I cut them and started nail-gunning them down that the last one was a little warped.  I hope it doesn't pop up.  Urgh.

I put some dark wood stain on a rag and soaked it into the raw edges that had just felt the heat of the blade so they would match the color of the old weathered wood.

Then it was time for some new drawer pulls.  The old handles were white plastic, which was partially wearing off, and just looked like el cheapo.  I couldn't find anything in my stash that I liked for this little chest of drawers so decided to make my own using some thick jute rope.

If you've ever tried to stick this twisted rope through a small hole, it can be hair-yanking-frustrating.  You get one little piece, give it a tug and the rest bunches up and refuses to come through.  So the remedy?  Cut the tip at an angle and use a touch of hot glue to bond all the threads together.  I used a rag so as not to burn my fingers, and pulled the hot glue down to the tip of the rope to make it a point.  Then it's a piece of cake to feed through the screw holes!

I tied a knot in front of each hole so it wouldn't pull through, and cuz it looks swell, and then tied the ends together inside the drawer.

In case you were wondering why I was calling this an "Eagle Dresser"... well hopefully you're still with me because Ta-Da!  Peek-a-boo eagle drawers!  Cutting Edge Stencils is awesome and usually tucks a free stencil in when I place an order and once I got this awesome flying eagle in my package.

You can find this over at the Parma Antique Mall in my favorite town, Parma, Michigan. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!  

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  1. Hi Kammy! I am living this little eagle dresser. Especially the rope handles. I think the eagles on the side of the drawers add that unique touch. :) It is always fun to transform your own piece, but almost just as fun to see how others transform their pieces as well... thanks for sharing!

  2. You did an amazing job. I love the rope handles.


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