Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tall Stereo Cabinet Before and After

Guess what?  It's an old stereo cabinet.  A beat up, nasty one, with beauty-potential for only $1 at a yard sale!!
It sat all wompy because one leg was shorter than the rest. It was an easy fix with the sawzall.  Just chopped them all down to make them even. :)  Then glued that cracked trim along the bottom, peeled up the top layer of veneer on top (which did NOT end up being easy) and painted it white.

THEN.... rather than peel off the bubbled and warped veneer on the sides... I got out a bundle of lath.  My parents keep lovingly bringing me bundles of old lath they get from old houses that are being remodeled.  So awesome to have a stash of this stuff!!

I secured it with my favorite tool in the world, this ryobi nail gun.

And ta da!  Ain't she cute?

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1 comment:

  1. I just adore the lathe on the sides! The whole project turned out beautifully!


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