Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ty's Old Chest Of Drawers

Would you pay two dollars for this?  
Is that even a legit question?
About ten years ago I paid two dollars and brought this chest of drawers home for my second boy.

I had painted it black and off white and it fit his room great.
Here it is in our first house - his first "big boy" room.
Man I sure loved that room!  That "square wall" made me about bonkers in the process, but the finished product was worth the terrible amount of measuring and paint tape bleeds!

Then it came with him to his new room at the new place...

...where he thought stickers on the drawer fronts would enhance it's appearance, and when he didn't want them anymore, took the paint right off with them.
  Ugh.  Stickers.  I dislike you.

Then I got a bigger dresser for him from a friend (not that he NEEDS a bigger dresser since he wears the same two pairs of shorts and the same Michigan shirt every day.  I kid you not, this happened the other day.  He gets out of the shower and puts the same shirt on he's been wearing for days.  I said ABSOLUTELY NOT, THAT GOES IN THE LAUNDRY!  The next day, he comes downstairs wearing the shirt.  I couldn't believe it.  "I told you you had to put that in the laundry yesterday!"  He shrugs his shoulders and says "I did."  I guess he considered it spending the night in the laundry basket with the other dirty clothes long enough.  Too bad for mom if she didn't wash the laundry, he did what he was told.... and then got it right back out). *Face palm*

Lately I'm into the details like a cute design on the sides of drawers when you pull them out!
Peek-a-boo drawers, I call them.  I had gotten this fantastic mosaic tile stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to do my bathroom floor but then I got cold feet and I couldn't go through with it... although they are warming again and I think I might cave and paint the floor soon.  I decided to ship lap the walls first, so maybe when that project is done, the floor will finally be next.  Anyways, this stencil is their Santa Ana and hopefully the next time you see it on Kammy's Korner it will be on my bathroom floor (and yes, if you're reading this Erika from Cutting Edge Stencils, I'm still here!!!)

Sorry, don't even ask what color the light aqua blue is.  I buy mistints, and then mix my own colors from them.

I just love shabby chic-ing white frames!

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